New R-Rated Justice League Movie Releases First Trailer

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Justice League: Warworld poster

DC fans now have their first taste of the super-powered brand's new R-rated Justice League movie thanks to a new trailer. 

While on the live-action front, DC has only recently started to embrace that R-rating (with movies like The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder's Justice League), the blue brand has long embraced more mature content when it comes to its animated universe. 

The DC Animated Universe (DCAU) proper has featured five previous R-rated films, and there have also been a number of other one-off animated stories to hit that more mature mark as well. 

The latest of these R-rated titles is Justice League: Warworld, which is set to release this July. 

Watch the Justice League: War World Trailer

War World 1
Warner Bros.

The first trailer for Warner Bros.' Justice League: Warworld was released, offering a sneak peek into DC's R-rated animated adventure. 

The upcoming Justice League film joins the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) as the sixth R-rated film to join the franchise. 

War World 2
Warner Bros.

Based on the Warworld Saga from DC Comics, the movie centers on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as the trio are transported to a dangerous new world and are forced to band together to become the Justice League. 

War World 3
Warner Bros.

Warworld will feature new alternate reality takes on iconic DC heroes and villains, including names like Jonah Hex. 

While the trailer offered plenty for fans to ogle over, one of the highlights was a first look at Warworld comics antagonist Mongul. 

Warner Bros. 

The full trailer can be seen below:

Alongside the newly released first look at the project, a brand-new stylized poster was unveiled as well. 

War World 4
Warner Bros.

What To Expect in the R-Rated Justice League: Warworld?

For fans of DC Comics, it is exciting to finally see the Warworld storyline coming to the beloved DCAU. 

For the most part, Warner Bros.' (WB) animated universe has had a pretty successful track record, offering fairly faithful retellings of classic comic storylines. And if those stories need to be rated R, WB seems more than happy to have these films occupy that space. 

But what can audiences expect in the upcoming Warworld movie? 

The film will follow the trio of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman as they form a resistance against the brutal Mongul in a dangerous new world. 

Those that know the comics story know that Warworld is notoriously brutal, and with the MPAA citing "some bloody violence” in its rating summary for the movie, it looks as though Warner Bros. is keeping that violent tone intact. 

As for what else may constitute this this R-rating remains unknown, but the more mature DC animated projects have not been shy when it comes to language, nudity, or sexual themes, all things that could appear in Justice League: Warworld

Justice League: Warworld is set to release on July 25. 

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