Max Announces Newest Justice League Movie's Streaming Release Date

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Justice League Warworld Streaming

Warner Bros. announced when fans can expect the newest Justice League movie to start streaming on Max

DC's latest animated team-up, Justice League: Warworld, is the seventh film in the super-powered franchise's Tomorrowverse (the shared universe of many of DC's animated films). 

The film was released digitally this past July, following the story of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman being transported to another world and leading a resistance to take down the tyrannical regime that controls it. 

Warworld made waves upon release for its R-rating, with producers Jeff Wamester and Butch Lukic saying the film was “mostly rated R because of the violence.”

New Justice League Film Headed for Max

Justice League Warworld

After months of waiting, the official streaming release date for Justice League: Warworld has been confirmed. 

According to a new listing on the streaming database JustWatch, the Justice League's newest blockbuster will be streaming on Max starting on Monday, October 23. 

This streaming release date comes exactly 90 days following the film's digital online debut on July 25. 

Warworld marks the first new DC animated movie to come to Warner Bros.' streaming home, which means this 90-day window could be the new standard for DC animation going forward. 

With both the Warworld sequel, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the standalone Watchmen movie on the way next year, fans can likely expect these animated epics to come to Max roughly three months after their initial release date. 

Warworld is just one movie though, so as more from DC Studios Animation starts to release and then eventually make its way onto Max, fans will have a better idea of if this latest Justice League film was a trendsetter. 

What Is Next for DC Animation?

Now, that Justice League: Warworld is headed to streaming only two announced animated films remain on the current DC Studios slate. 

Both Crisis on Infinite Earths and Watchmen are expected to come out sometime next year, and Warner Bros. has not announced anything beyond that. 

While some speculated with James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the brand's on-screen efforts, the currently running animated universe (the Tomorrowverse) would be tossed aside for the new DCU, that does not seem to be the case. 

When asked about projects within the DCU and outside of it Gunn previously confirmed, "We’re doing both," meaning that the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) will live on alongside his interconnected on-screen efforts. 

After taking control of the blue brand he tweeted, "The DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation)," showing that animation seems to mean a lot to the DC Studios co-CEO.

So, coming off Justice League: Warworld, fans should expect the DC animation train to keep on rolling. 

Justice League: Warworld comes to Max on Monday, October 23. 

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