Meet Johnny Link: 4 Things to Know About the 'My Life With the Walter Boys' Star

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Johnny Link in My Life with the Walter Boys

One of the many characters in My Life with the Walter Boys is Will Walter, played by actor Johnny Link.

Netflix's latest coming-of-age drama focuses on Manhattan teenager Jackie Howard as she adjusts to her new life in Colorado with the Walter family and their ten sons, including Link's Will Walter. 

Before starring in the new streaming series, audiences may know the Illinois-born performer from his appearance in 2023's Apple TV+ series Dear Edward, in which he appeared in three episodes. 

Johnny Link in my Life with the Walter Boys

In My Life with the Walter Boys, Johnny Link's Will Walter is the eldest of the Walter siblings and is one of the most welcoming to Jackie when she arrives.

Unlike the rest of the Walter kids, Will is a college graduate who no longer lives at home and is engaged to be married. He also wears hearing aids since he's been hard of hearing since birth. 

As audiences get to know the Walter family, fans may want to know more about the Will Walter star. So, here are four fun facts about the Walter Boys' Johnny Link:

Just like Will Walter, Johnny Link has also worn hearing aids since childhood due to him having "moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears:"

"Because I have accommodated to a hearing world, most people don't realize that I happen to have moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. I have used hearing aids since the age of 3. Like the overwhelming majority of hard of hearing/deaf children, I was mainstreamed."

Perhaps evidence behind how and why Will is presented in the show, Link expressed his goal to "tell inclusive stories that ignite curiosity and empathy in the individual so that they may find belonging."

He's a Triple Threat

In addition to being an actor, Johnny Link is also a talented singer, dancer, and musician. After receiving a degree in Musical Theater from Penn State University, the Netflix star relocated to New York to build his stage and screen career.

Take a look at Link's musical talents in the video below:

In addition to his role as Gary in three episodes of Dear Edward on Apple TV+ and appearing in NBC's Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Johnny Link has a number of off-screen credits to his name. 

Along with off-broadway shows like Private Jones, Baby, and The Last Five Years, Link also worked on National Tour of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella.

He Advocates for Accessibility

Not only is Link pursuing inclusive stories but he's also working to improve on-set conditions for the hearing impaired in the real world, believing accommodations should be based on the person's requirements as they differ by the individual. 

Link explained this need by describing how an environment can affect a person with a hearing impairment, saying, "a room with just two people is different from a set of 100 people:"

“It’s always a different ask for each job. A lot of people don’t understand. They assume, ‘Oh, we’re talking face to face. You should be fine.’ But face-to-face in a room with just two people is different from a set of 100 people running around in front of you, with noise everywhere. You know—inside, outside, all kinds of variables—it’s honestly case by case."

My Life with the Walter Boys is now streaming on Netflix.

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