Jason Romo from Top Chef VIP: Full Bio & Career Details for Actor

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Jason Romo from Top Chef VIP

Get to know one of the stars of 2024's Top Chef VIP, 24-year-old actor Jason Romo.

Season 3 of the hit Telemundo series, a spin-off of the popular NBC reality show, features contestants competing in culinary challenges for a large cash prize. The season premiered on May 21 with 20 new celebrity contestants.

Romo is a Mexican actor and telenovela star who gained fame in 2019 as Felipe "Cobra" García in Los elegidos.

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Who Is Top Chef VIP's Jason Romo?

Jason Romo
Jason Romo

Jason Romo recently spoke with Bad Hombre Magazine, where he discussed (translated from Spanish) his upbringing and how he found his love for acting.

Romo discovered his passion for acting during the third call of his first semi-professional work, an experience he described as an "overwhelming feeling:"

"On the third call of my first semi-professional job I discovered a passion and a vocation that I didn't know what I had. The adrenaline and longing that it awakened in me was an overwhelming feeling in all the good ways."

Romo, who developed an interest in performing arts from childhood, decided to participate in Top Chef VIP for the challenge of professional cooking and hopes to "have great joy and be able to use it with [his] family:"

"The challenge that comes with doing something that I have never performed at that level, which is professional cooking, and I hope after this competition I will have great joy and be able to use it with my family."

Looking ahead, Romo aspires to advance his acting career to both national and international big screens:

"I hope that this path that has been built little by little takes me to the national and international big screen, it is the next step to follow on this journey."

Jason's Past Acting Roles

Romo is known for his roles in several popular TV series. He gained fame for portraying Felipe "Cobra" García in Los elegidos in 33 episodes. 

In Los elegidos, Cobra is a problematic teen who frequently clashes with his father and has the power of invisibility.

Romo also starred as Diego Bustamante in El Señor de los Cielos and played Mauricio in Dark Desire. Additionally, he made a notable appearance as Leo in an episode of Decisions: Some Win and Others Lose.

When asked about his role in El Señor de los Cielos, Romo expressed that it highlights his "passion for acting" and the "dedication" he has invested in his career:

"It is a reflection of how great my passion for acting is and the work and dedication that I have put into this dream that has become my career (dreams, if worked for, come true)."

Where Will Jason Appear Next?

Jason Romo is set to appear in the upcoming projects Bocetos and The Count: Love and Honor.

Bocetos, a youth series on Canela.TV, follows the life of Diego (Romo), a talented yet insecure illustrator in Mexico who captures daily life and personal reflections through his drawings.

Romo's other project, The Count: Love and Honor, follows the story of Alejandro Galán, unjustly convicted and separated from his love, Mariana Zambrano. Romo's character has yet to be revealed in this series.

How To Follow Jason Romo Online

Fans can keep up with Jason Romo on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook.

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