Iron Man Gets Referenced In DC's Newest Movie Trailer

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Iron Man, Justice League

The next year of DC movies is looking quite exciting. With heavy-hitters like The BatmanThe Flash, and Black Adam on the horizon, there is plenty to be enthusiastic about. 

One project that has not gotten the spotlight quite like Warner's others is DC League of Super Pets. The animated comedy is set to debut in theaters on May 20, 2022, and it follows Superman's dog Krypto as he teams up with a bunch of super-powered animals to save the world. 

The title features big names fleshing out its cast with the likes of Black Adam's Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, and John Krasinski bringing voices to these cute and colorful characters. 

In the recently revealed trailer for the film, fans saw their first taste of what is to come. This includes an intriguing Easter egg from another comics universe. 

I am Iron Man...But Make It DC

A chuckle-worthy MCU tie-in was shown in the new DC League of Super Pets trailer.

DC League of Super Pets Super Man Trailer
Warner Bros.

John Krasinski's Clark Kent jokes "They should call me Iron Man" after using the hero's iconic heat vision to get rid of a crease on his dress shirt. 

DC League of Super Pets Super Man heat vision
Warner Bros.

The full DC Super Pets trailer can be seen below: 


Cross-Out a Crossover

No, this doesn't mean that Robert Downey Jr.'s iconic Avenger will be showing up in DC Super Pets, but Superman saying something like this could pose some universe-bending questions. 

Something similar just happened on the Marvel side with DC's famed Kryptonian being mentioned by name in Eternals, and it sent fans into a fit for the implications it presents to the Marvel Universe. Does this mean Superman and the MCU exist in the same reality? Are Superman comics a thing in the Marvel world? The questions are now coming quickly.

This instance, on the other hand, does not bring the weighty implications with it that the Eternals quote does. Clark is simply referring to himself as Iron Man as a joke, not because he is implying that he is similar to the Marvel hero, but is instead a man that possesses the powers of a household appliance. 

Mr. Kent is simply offering a funny moment that audiences will giggle at, knowing it has an added layer of humor. But in the animated world of the DC film, it is simply just a comment on his crease-flattening prowess. 

DC League of Super Pets hits theaters on May 20, 2022.

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