Here's When iOS 18's Release Will Officially Happen

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The release of iOS 18 is expected to be one of the biggest in years for iPhone users worldwide.

At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, Apple introduced iOS 18, highlighting its integration with Apple Intelligence. This AI-driven feature set blends generative AI with personal context, aiming to make advanced AI accessible to all users through Siri and more.

Apple promises bleeding-edge AI integration and a new level of customization for the iPhone, so many users cannot wait for the next software update.

When Will iOS 18 Release?

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Apple's standard practice is for the new iOS to be released alongside the next series of iPhone devices. However, a current iOS Beta is available, but it is not accessible to just anyone with an iPhone.

Developers can now access iOS 18 for testing, while a public beta is scheduled for July. 

The official launch is slated for mid-September, coinciding with the debut of new iPhone models.

For those not planning on buying a new phone this year, iOS 18 will run on all iPhones as far back as the XR and SE:

  • All iPhone 15 models
  • All iPhone 14 models
  • All iPhone 13 models
  • All iPhone 12 models
  • All iPhone 11 models
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd gen)

Added Features to iOS 18

Apple's presentation of iOS 18 introduced an array of enhancements, anchored by Apple Intelligence—an AI framework that integrates throughout the system. 

This update includes a revamped Siri that leverages large language models for more intuitive interactions. It is slated for even further enhancements in 2025. 

The Messages app also gains AI capabilities for auto-completing sentences and summarizing messages. Notably, AI extends to the Photos app for image enhancements and object removal and Voice Memos for automatic transcriptions.

In addition to AI innovations, iOS 18 brings Rich Communication Services (RCS) support for enriched messaging across iPhone and Android devices, a long-awaited feature for many.

For the first time in iPhone history, Home Screen customization expands with the ability to freely place icons and customize their colors.

A brand-new Control Center sees redesigns with enhanced music widgets and HomeKit integration, giving users a more personalized experience. 

Easy-to-use AI integration and more design and functionality customization sum up the big changes coming to iOS 18.

The iPhone 16 series is likely to be released sometime this September.

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