Industry HBO Season 3 Release, Cast & Everything We Know

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Industry main cast members with Kit Harington

HBO's banking drama Industry is lining up for its Season 3 release. 

Following a group of college graduates as they compete for permanent positions at a prestigious investment bank, Industry Season 3 is sure to bring the heat when it eventually premieres on HBO and Max

Mere weeks after Season 2 came to an end in September 2022, a third batch of episodes from the show was given the green light, although no information about when it would debut was included.

When Will Industry Season 3 Release?

Industry Season 3

No exact release date has been given for Industry Season 3, but it is expected to debut sometime this year. 

The series was included in the Max sizzle reel for the year, meaning (unless something goes wrong) a 2024 release seems likely. 

According to star Myha'la, she wrapped filming on the project in December 2023. 

While Myha'la told Decider in December, "I wrapped before [the rest of the cast and crew]," given how big a part of the show the Harper Stern actress is, one can assume it finished soon after:

"I wish I could tease, I really do. But I cannot, unfortunately. I wrapped before [the rest of the cast and crew] wrapped, so I’m not sure."

According to reporting from Indie Wire, the Season 3 premiere will be screened for attendees of the ATX TV Festival, meaning a release may be imminent.

This will be the first time anyone outside HBO sees an episode from Season 3, with the convention taking place from Thursday, May 30 to Sunday, June 2. 

That means a potential release sometime this summer seems most likely, potentially coming after the impending second season of House of the Dragon which is set to run from June 16 to August 4.

Who's Cast in Industry Season 3?

Thus far only two characters have technically been confirmed to appear in Industry Season 3, but many others are expected to return. 

Kit Harrington's Henry Muck and Marisa Abela's Yasmin were the only two characters seen in the brief Max sizzle reel footage from the series. 

However, characters like Myha'la Herrold's Harper Stern can be assumed to come back because they are openly talking about the upcoming new batch of episodes. 

Here is a full list of characters expected to appear in Industry Season 3:

  • Marisa Abela - Yasmin
  • Kit Harington - Henry Muck
  • Myha'la Herrold - Harper Stern
  • Harry Lawtey - Robert
  • David Jonsson - Gus
  • Ken Leung - Eric
  • Conor MacNeill - Kenny
  • Sagar Radia - Rishi
  • Caoilfhionn Dunne - Jackie
  • Sarah Parish - Nicole
  • Mark Dexter - Hilary
  • Nicholas Bishop - Maxim Alonso
  • Katrine De Candole - Celeste Pacquet
  • Jay Duplass - Jesse Bloom
  • Adam Levy - Charles Hanani
  • Alex Alomar Akpobome - Danny Van Deventer

What Will Happen in Industry Season 3?

Heading into Industry Season 3, fans can expect plenty more drama in the international finance world.

Season 2 ended with Myha'la Herrold's Harper Stern shockingly being fired from Pierpoint & Co’s London office for lying about her educational background. 

This twist throws a wrench into the story of a character who has been central to the series so far. 

Surely, when Season 3 returns Harper's attempt to elbow herself back in at Pierpoint & Co or any of London's myriad other financial institutions. 

Elsewhere in the show, Season 3 will center on Pierpoint as it "takes a big bet on ethical investing," by taking a green energy company known as Lumi public (via the show's official Season 3 synopsis):

"In series three, as Pierpoint looks to the future and takes a big bet on ethical investing, the desk find themselves front and center in the splashy IPO of Lumi, a green tech energy company – in a story that runs all the way to the very top of finance, media and government."

Through two seasons, Industry has done so well at keeping things topical, tackling controversial topics like BREXIT, climate change, and COVID-19.

So a dip into the world of green tech will surely be just the tip of the iceberg of plot points pulled straight from the headlines in Season 3.  

Industry Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Max. 

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