Hulu Boss Casts Uncertainty on Marvel Future

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Hulu Marvel

Marvel Studios certainly has a lot going for the Marvel Cinematic Universe with both classical theatrical releases and the new wave of streaming shows coming to Disney+. Even so, this doesn't count all Marvel-based projects that are out in the world right now, with TV and streaming networks such as ABC, Freeform, and Hulu all boasting their own cache of superhero-centric projects from the past few years.

In particular, Hulu is still currently moving forward with a few unique projects not necessarily tied to the MCU, which started with The Runaways in 2017. Along with an under-the-radar run for the horror-centric Helstrom in 2020, the streaming network is currently the home for Season 1 of Patton Oswalt's animated MODOK series as well as the recently-released first season of Hit-Monkey.

The big question now is where exactly Hulu will go with its own Marvel-centric stories as the MCU keeps moving forward at warp speed with anywhere from nine to 12 projects every year.

As it turns out, this is a question that remains prominent within the network itself as it decides how to proceed.

Hulu’s Marvel Future up in the Air

Hulu Marvel

Hulu's future with Marvel is unclear, perhaps now more than ever.

At Tuesday's Winter Television Critics Association press tour, Hulu Originals president Craig Erwich, when asked about the future of Marvel on the streamer, stated that there were no announcements for MODOK, Hit-Monkey, or any Marvel series of any kind.

Via Decider's Alex Zalben, the Hulu exec noted that "Marvel and team will make the decisions for that franchise, and that brand," suggesting that no new Marvel-Hulu projects are currently far into development ready for a public reveal.

Will Hulu Make More Marvel Shows?

Marvel Studios is currently at the top of the superhero genre with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly after Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox Studios and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige taking over the MCU's TV division. That being said, with Hulu still putting out Marvel content outside the MCU, it's unclear how long it will keep at it with shows like MODOK and Hit-Monkey.

Situations like this aren't uncommon, as is seen prominently with the DC Extended Universe, the Arrowverse, and more all existing separately from each other in DC media. However, with how focused the MCU is on interconnectivity, and especially how it's moving further toward that goal with Phase 4, it begs the question of how Hulu properties like these will continue streaming.

Although Hulu is under the Dinsey umbrella, there are no immediate plans for the MCU to take its storytelling onto this platform thanks to so much success with Disney+ already. What that means for shows like MODOK and Hit-Monkey, as well as other potential series that could debut on Hulu, is still up in the air, but it's something fans will pay close attention to over the coming years.

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