Will Marvel Studios Make Hulu Shows Soon? Exec Comments on Possibilities

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While Marvel Studios is best known for its blockbuster movies, which are officially back with the release of Black Widow, the team is diligently working to expand the MCU with its new stream of Disney+ entries as well.

The first three Phase 4 streaming shows have all debuted to rave reviews, topping the charts every week while seemingly breaking viewing records at every turn. The team is looking to continue this run of success with the MCU's first animated series, What If...?, starting next week, which will take a strange and wild look back at the Infinity Saga while adding new twists.

Operating under the Walt Disney umbrella, Marvel Studios has the unique opportunity to add to its narrative through multiple platforms. This has already been attempted with the former Marvel TV department, which gave life to shows like Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix Defenders entries, but those have largely been placed in the non-canon realm alongside the MCU.

In that light, a new report may be opening the door for another platform that Marvel could use for new adventures.


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Hulu Head of Scripted Content (Originals) Jordan Helman spoke with Deadline about the possibility of Marvel Studios developing content for the Hulu streaming platform in the future.

Helman appeared optimistic about the chance to develop material exclusively for Hulu at some point, calling Marvel "an incredibly important partner" and praising the studio for its content output within Disney.

“Marvel continues to be an incredibly important partner and one of the biggest generators of content within the Disney ecosystem so we’re excited about the possibility of what may lie in the future with regards to the Hulu/Marvel relationship.”

While Helman hasn't spoken directly with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, he admitted that Hulu appears to be "an incredibly robust avenue for future projects", especially looking at "Marvel's place in the Disney ecosystem."

These quotes come in the midst of Hulu producing the Marvel-based property M.O.D.O.K. with Patton Oswalt, whose first season debuted in May 2021. 

This series was produced under the now-defunct Marvel Television department, which was since absorbed by Marvel Studios. When asked if the animated show would return for a second season, Helman vaguely admitted that the team hasn't "yet made a determination" on its status.


Marvel has had a rocky relationship with Hulu over the last few years even considering no Marvel properties on this service have been directly canon in the MCU.

Marvel Television produced three seasons of Runaways exclusively for Hulu; while it had a crossover moment with Cloak & Dagger from Freeform, the series was seen as existing in a separate universe from everything happening in the MCU. There was also a short run for Helstrom on the streaming service, which was canceled after one season due to largely negative reviews.

Now that Marvel Studios and Marvel Television are one entity, there is certainly the opportunity for Kevin Feige to utilize Hulu for movies or TV shows alongside the theatrical releases and Disney+ series.

Even with M.O.D.O.K.'s status up in the air and the MCU looking to expand mightily, there is no timeline for when Marvel Studios may take the Hulu route if it comes to fruition someday. However, it's clear that Hulu's team recognizes the MCU's place at the top of the storytelling game, and their involvement together could make for an exciting partnership with the right properties down the road.

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