Honeymoon Movie Twist Ending Explained

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Honeymoon's crazy ending has a strong message for married couples. 

Directed by Leigh Janiak, Honeymoon explores the story of a newly married couple who thinks that they are on their dream vacation, but ends up on a nightmare-infused experience instead. 

The film premiered in theaters on September 12, 2014. It was added to Hulu on December 31. 

What Happened to Paul & Bea in Honeymoon's Ending?

Harry Treadaway as Paul

In Honeymoon, Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) are a typical couple who are having a good time after just getting married. 

After they decide to spend their honeymoon in a cabin owned by Bea's family, things go from cheesy and romantic to strange and terrifying. 

During the night after they meet up with Will (Paul's childhood friend played by Ben Huber) and Annie (Hanna Brown), Paul sees his wife, Bea, naked in the nearby lake after sleepwalking. 

Rose Leslie as Bea

The next day, Paul grows suspicious of Bea because his wife is not aware of her daily routine and exhibits weird behavior. 

After a series of terrifying events happen that includes Paul framing Will and locking up Bea, the seemingly possessed Bea confesses to Paul that she saw a mysterious light that hypnotized her and a creature that impregnated her during the night when he found her naked near the cabin. 

Upon discovering what happened, Paul tries to flee from the cabin, but Bea stops him and knocks him out. 

Paul wakes up in a boat in the middle of the lake, with Bea telling him that she is only doing this to protect him from the mysterious creatures. 

Paul then attempts to escape while begging for his wife to let him go, but Bea viciously throws him into the lake, essentially killing him. 

Rose Leslie as Anna

At the end of Honeymoon, Bea is watching her wedding video and appears to be slowly transforming into an alien. 

Annie, who is also taken over by aliens, shows up she and Bea go into the forest to join the mysterious creatures. 

What Is the True Meaning of Honeymoon’s Ending?

Honeymoon's ending leaves many unanswered questions, such as the identity of the aliens who took over Annie and Bea and the real reason why they were there in the first place. 

Still, there is a deeper meaning behind the horror movie's twisted ending, specifically for married couples. 

Honeymoon shows that the only thing that is constant for married couples is change, and both of them will discover something new about their partners at any given moment. 

While Paul and Bea were a happy couple at first (complete with a cheesy public display of affection), the movie cements the idea that not all the time is a happy ending, especially after the challenges and outside pressure kick in. 

At one point in the movie, a mysterious worm-like creature comes out of Bea, before ultimately dying. Some have theorized that this is the movie's way of showing aspects like pregnancy and abortion alongside the responsibilities that come along with it (that Bea doesn't want to have).

Given that Bea is the movie's central focus, it unveils the fact that she is truly not ready to start a married life with Paul. The light represents her escape or path to freedom, and the fact that she willingly follows it suggests that she has already embraced the idea of letting go. 

Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of her husband Paul's life. 

Honeymoon is now streaming on Hulu.

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