Helldivers 2's Xbox Release Status Sparks Frustration Among Gaming Community

By Klein Felt Posted:
Helldivers 2

Xbox fans shared their dismay over the potential release prospects of Helldivers 2 on Microsoft's gaming console.

The hit science fiction multiplayer shooter from Swedish studio Arrowhead Games has become the latest craze on Sony's PlayStation 5 and PC. 

However, no news on a potential Xbox release has been made known for the title, with the game's record-breaking success being enjoyed without the inclusion of Xbox gamers. 

Xbox Gamers Upset Over Helldivers 2 Release

A group of vocal Xbox fans started a campaign to bring the PlayStation console-exclusive Helldivers 2 to the Microsoft-owned gaming machine. 

With no news in sight for a Helldivers 2 release on Xbox Series X/S, a group of Xbox have started a petition, begging for the game to come to their console of choice. 

The Change.org petition (as spotted by Xfire) has over 85,000 signatures to date, with a goal of 150,000. 

Creator of the petition Isaiah Hardin writes in his justification for the campaign, "The Xbox community stands as a bastion of diverse players, each with their unique stories, strategies, and strengths to bring to the battlefield." 

This is something Hardin believes that developer Arrowhead Games could use to "weave" into "the fabric of the Helldivers universe," bringing more players to the game's digital campaign to spread democracy across the galaxy:

"The Xbox community stands as a bastion of diverse players, each with their unique stories, strategies, and strengths to bring to the battlefield. By bringing 'Helldivers 2' to Xbox, Arrowhead Game Studios has the opportunity to weave this vibrant tapestry of gamers into the fabric of the 'Helldivers' universe. Just as the original 'Helldivers' united players across platforms, 'Helldivers 2' on Xbox promises to transcend boundaries, forging bonds that defy the constraints of hardware and fostering a global community bound by a common purpose: victory at any cost."

This is a sentiment shared by Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, who has gone on record saying he is "not exactly sure who it helps" by "not [bringing Helldivers 2 to] Xbox" (via Game File):

"When I look at a game like 'Helldivers 2' – and it’s a great game, kudos to the team shipping on PC and PlayStation – I’m not exactly sure who it helps in the industry by not being on Xbox. If you try to twist yourself to say, like, somehow that benefited somebody somewhere. But I get it. There’s a legacy in console gaming that we’re going to benefit by shipping games and not putting them on other places. We do the same thing."

Will Helldivers 2 Ever Come to Xbox?

Sadly, it seems as though Helldivers 2 may never be released on Xbox consoles.

Yes, the game was developed by the fully independent Arrowhead Games but was ultimately published by PlayStation, making it more or less a first-party title on the console. 

These sorts of console exclusives usually remain that way.

As of late, that has changed a touch with Xbox adjusting its first-party strategy to have some of its Xbox exclusives be released on other consoles, but Helldivers 2 is unlikely to get the same treatment.

Recently, Xbox announced plans to bring four of its Xbox-exclusive titles to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch (Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded), so what makes Helldivers any different?

The reason Xbox chose to go multi-platform with a select few titles was to get these games in front of more eyes as Microsoft continues to fall behind in the console race this generation. 

PlayStation has no incentive to follow suit with a title like Helldivers 2. It is not as though the multiplayer shooter is failing to capture an audience on the platforms it has released on (PS5 and PC), selling over 3 million units in 17 days on the market (via Game Rant). 

So, to the dismay of many, a Helldivers 2 Xbox release seems incredibly unlikely. 

Helldivers 2 is available now on PlayStation 5 and PC. 

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