Hazbin Hotel Controversy Explained: Verbalase Allegations & Drama

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Hazbin Hotel is awash with controversy despite having only just released on Amazon Prime Video

The R-rated animated comedy from renowned online creator Vivienne Medrano comes as Prime Video's first major tentpole title of 2024, taking fans behind the curtain on a cuss-filled blood-lusting musical journey to hopefully rehabilitate the inhabitants of Hell. 

Ever since the series' animated pilot debuted back in 2019 (before getting picked up by Amazon and A24 for a full series order), Hazbin has been pushing the envelope, with many critical of its edgy humor and gratuitous violence. 

The Verbalase Hazbin Hotel Drama

Hazbin Hotel
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YouTuber Verbalase made waves in early 2024, thanks to a controversial YouTube video uploaded by the creator featuring the characters of Hazbin Hotel

The video in question saw the animated YouTube star being chased by Hazbin mainstay Charlie Morningstar and eventually assaulted by the character. 

According to X (formerly Twitter) user @thestartofluck, this explicit and contentious piece of animation cost the creator $50,000 and has reportedly put the YouTube creator into bankruptcy (per Reddit)

This comes as Verbalase (aka Adym Steven Evans) has allegedly shared queerphobic language online. 

X user @Deathraptor6 shared leaked screenshots of several Discord comments from Evans, in which he talked about "preaching of gender and gay stuff" while on a trip to a Disney Park, identity politics, and "protect[ing]" children from what he saw as harmful identity politics shared by the queer community. 

Hazbin Hotel and Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano have fostered a community that is quite accepting of the queer community, making parts of the fanbase feel as though Evans is coming directly for them with these sorts of bigoted comments. 

Since the aforementioned video starring a Hazbin character and Evans' close-minded comments have come to light, the creator has continued to maintain a presence online, with new videos still going up on his personal YouTube channel. 

Hazbin Hotel is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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