Hawkeye: Disney+ Series Reportedly Casts Outlander Actor as Crucial Character

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Hawkeye Simon Callow

Marvel Studios' third Disney+ show, Loki, is set to air its big finale in just two days. While Marvel theories are laser-focused as to what all of that may entail, fans won't have to wait much longer for the MCU to return. The next series on the roster is set to be What If...?, an animated show set in the MCU that is to explore the ever expansive multiverse this August.

After the animated adventure concludes, MCU live-action is set to return shortly after.

There are two more shows after What If...?, that are supposedly aiming for a 2021 release date. Those shows are both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye, with the order of the two of them not set in stone just yet.

Of the two, Hawkeye is likely on the minds of most fans, thanks to hanging threads left by the recently released Black Widow. Not much is known about this series, with key elements being the introduction of Kate Bishop, and the show playing a lot off of Matt Fraction's critically-acclaimed comics run on the titular character.

It now seems that another big actor has joined the show, and will have a big connection to one of the show's villains.


Hawkeye Jeremy Renner

According to The Cosmic Circus, acclaimed British stage and screen actor Simon Callow has joined Marvel Studios' Hawkeye.

The outlet wasn't able to reveal much about Callow's role, but was able to say that he will play a key part early on in the series, and that his role will have ties to Tony Dalton's Jack Duquesne. Duquense is otherwise known as Marvel Comics' Swordsman, a villain set to appear in the show. 

Simon Callow first began acting in 1973, appearing in projects such as AmadeusA Room with a View, Shakespeare in Love, and many more. More recently, Callow has played key roles in the time-traveling historical STARZ drama Outlander, as well as Netflix's television hit The Witcher.


It's always exciting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to still be able to entice esteemed actors over to their world even 13 years later. With Simon Callow joining the frey, could fans be looking at another villain that Clint (and Kate Bishop?) will go up against. It's hard to draw any other conclusions, but if he has ties to Sowrdsman, it's not very likely they're the best of people.

Plot details of the show are slim, so how the characterizations of the large cast will play out is still up in the air. Callow could end up being a good guy, despite any connections he may have to Tony Dalton's character.

Hopefully, it won't be too long until fans get a proper look at Hawkeye. With so many projects on the docket, Marvel's marketing train isn't as predictable as it once was. Though, as exciting as it is to see more of Hawkeye, there's a good chance fans might be looking in a different direction right now.

Hawkeye is slated to debut on Disney+ later this year.

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