Haunted Mansion 2023 Movie Reviews: Critics Share First Reactions

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Haunted Mansion 2023, Owen Wilson

Critics took to social media to share their first reactions to Disney's Haunted Mansion 2023 film.

The upcoming movie was first announced all the way back in 2010, and after over a decade with several notable shifts in creative direction, the project finally started production in 2021.

Now, the project is just around the corner—and does it sport a stacked cast.

Led by Rosario Dawson, who plays Ahsoka Tano in the Star Wars franchise, other major names like Owen Wilson, LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, and Jamie Lee Curtis join in on the fun.

First Social Media Reactions to Haunted Mansion

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Critics posted their social media reaction reviews for Disney's Haunted Mansion, and so far, the reception leans positive.

MiceChat gladly proclaimed that the movie "was a spectral spectacle that brought the iconic ride to life:"

"Just emerged from the ghostly realms of Disney's brand-new 'Haunted Mansion' film premiere! It was a spectral spectacle that brought the iconic ride to life."

Kristen Lopez from The Wrap noted that the film was "wonderful" and that LaKeith Stanfield "anchors a spooky yet melancholic look at grief:"

"'Haunted Mansion' is wonderful. LaKeith Stanfield anchors a spooky yet melancholic look at grief. Beautiful VFX and Kris Bowers score is fantastic."

Collider's Steven Weintraub claimed "fans of the ride will keep pointing at the screen because it's loaded with Easter eggs:"

"Happy to report 'Haunted Mansion' is one of those family films that will spook kids, make adults laugh (a lot), and fans of the ride will keep pointing at the screen because it’s loaded with Easter eggs. Director Justin Simien & screenwriter Katie Dippold did great work."

Shannon McGrew specifically complimented screenwriter Katie Dippold, who she believes is the reason the movie has "the amount of heart" that it does:

"I'm still gathering my thoughts on 'Haunted Mansion' but I will say this, the amount of heart it has couldn’t have been achieved without the writing of Katie Dippold. She weaves together a story that tackles death/grief in a palpable way while riding a fine line [between] humor/horror."

Laughing Place proudly claimed that "one viewing is not enough:"

"So, just got out of the world premiere of 'Haunted Mansion.' It is so much fun. This is a love letter to the ride. I will see this multiple times and when it goes on Disney+, I will pause it multiple times trying to find all of the other ghosts, because one viewing is not enough for this. It is great."

Critic Laura Sirikul admitted that "the first act was a bit slow" and the movie "tries a little too hard to be deep:"

"'Haunted Mansion' was entertaining, filled with one-liners & quirky jokes. The first act was a bit slow but speeds up in the 2nd&3rd to a good pace. Good scares for kids. Disney fans will love the Easter eggs. Tries a little too hard to be deep, but it's still fun to watch."

POC Culture shared how the film is "full of fun cameos, references to the ride and a healthy dose of jump scares:"

"I got to watch the 'Haunted Mansion' (before the strike). It’s a love letter to the iconic Disney ride & a family friendly thriller. The cast, led by LaKeith Stanfield, is outstanding & hilarious. Full of fun cameos, references to the ride & a healthy dose of jump scares."

Plenty to Enjoy From the Haunted Mansion

While there's not much negative feedback, it doesn't look like many were blown away by the film. In any case, most seemed to enjoy their time with Disney's latest outing.

It looks like fans of the ride won't be disappointed by the many references and nods to the Disney Parks attraction, so they can rest easy.

There's currently a review embargo in place for critics until closer to the movie's release date, so expect more detailed thoughts to surface then. When those land, so too will its official Rotten Tomatoes rating.

The next live-action Walt Disney Pictures movie in the slate is Snow White on March 22, 2024, which stars Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot. After that, in July of the same year, will be Barry Jenkins' Mufasa: The Lion King.

Haunted Mansion hits theaters on Friday, July 28.

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