Hasbro Reveals Star Wars Black Series Figures For Din Djarin, Scout Trooper & The Child

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Din Djarin, Hasbro Toy

Season two of The Mandalorian drops its season premiere on Friday, October 30, 2020 and the level of hype among fans is growing by the day.

As the new season of the incredibly popular Star Wars show on Disney+ gets closer and closer, the marketing campaign for the series has kicked into high gear. As part of their newly introduced "Mando Mondays," Hasbro has unveiled a slew of new Mandalorian-themed products ranging from action figures to board games to plush toys.

Naturally, special focus for many of these products has been put on the breakout star of the show, The Child or, as the internet has collectively dubbed him, "Baby Yoda" due to the infant being of the same species as the famous Jedi Master.


Today, Hasbro has put two new 6-inch scale Star Wars Black Series offerings up for pre-order. Check them out below.

(Please note: As of the time of this writing, the Mando/Child pack is sold out on Target's website.)

Credit: Hasbro

This Target-exclusive pack features Din Djarin (aka The Mandalorian) and the Child, as well as a wide array of accessories including the Child's pram, Djarin's jetpack and Amban phase-pulse rifle, slabs of beskar steel and a tracking fob.

Credit: Hasbro

The Din Djarin figure also has a removable helmet, featuring a Pedro Pascal likeness that utilizes Hasbro's Photo Real face printing technology. 

Credit: Hasbro

Also available for pre-order on Amazon is a Scout Trooper from 'Chapter 8' of the series. He comes packed with the Child in his satchel, as well as his speeder bike.

Credit: Hasbro

The helmet on the Scout Trooper figure is not removable, so fans can pretend that this is either Adam Pally or Jason Sudekis.


As mentioned above, one might very quickly notice that the Mandalorian and the Child two-pack is already sold out on Target's site. This is largely due to scalpers, who program bots to rapidly buy up stock of exclusive figures for sale on third party sites. Such a practice is highly frowned upon in the action figure collecting community, but it is nonetheless a part of the collector experience.

Still, for those fans who do manage to get their hands on the set, they seem to be in for quite the treat. With the amount of accessories and extras that are included, it would seem to be the last Mando figure that one would ever need. At least, until the character receives another inevitable armor upgrade in the show.

The season premiere of The Mandalorian drops on Disney+ on Friday, October 30, 2020.

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