Harley Quinn's 2024 Spin-off Will Have 1 Key Difference from Main Show (Exclusive)

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Harley Quinn, Kite-Man from Harley Quinn

Kite-Man: Hell Yeah! — the Harley Quinn spin-off series coming to Max — will differ from its predecessor in a key way, according to storyboard artist on both DC shows Christopher Jones.

The 10-episode animated series will revolve around Harley Quinn side character Chuck Brown (Kite-Man), and will take place within the original show's universe. If the character's name sounds silly, that's because he is one of those goofy D-list villains in the vein of Condiment King or the Baffler.

Kite-Man: Hell Yeah! was originally titled Noonan's, referencing the bar that appears throughout Harley Quinn's run. In both iterations, Kite-Man would be seen working with the likes of Bane and Lex Luthor — all three of whom have appeared as relatively prominent side characters in Harley Quinn.

What Makes Kite-Man Different from Harley Quinn?

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During New York Comic Con, The Direct sat down with storyboard artist and comics writer Christopher Jones, known best for his work on Young Justice, Harley Quinn, and the upcoming Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!

Jones teased what's to come with the new spin-off, and discussed how it differs from its predecessor.

Jones revealed that while Kite-Man: Hell Yeah! shares some similarities with Harley Quinn, the key difference between the shows is Kite-Man's humor and tone, which largely stems from the show focusing on a "different group of core characters."

However, Jones confirmed that fans can still expect "to see some familiar faces:"

"It is very similar [to] 'Harley Quinn' [in] a lot of ways, but it's focusing on a different group of core characters, even though you are certainly going to see some familiar faces. But because we're focusing on different characters, some of the humor and tone is a little different, just because you're- you're immersed in stories that are about these people, and not Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy."

He continued, saying that Harley Quinn fans will "definitely want to give it a chance," but given the unique "flavor" of the spin-off, "it may find fans of its own:"

"But I think I think it's similar enough, that if you're a fan of 'Harley Quinn,' you definitely want to give it a chance. But it definitely has a little bit of its own flavor. So it may find fans of its own."

Wacky, Goofy DC Isn't Going Anywhere Yet

Harley Quinn has occupied a special place in DC's television repertoire — as the self-deprecating, satirical show that leans into everything DC does right, and everything it does wrong.

Kite-Man has already held the role as the butt of many DC jokes. In fact, his status as a joke character was the premise around much of the plot of Tom King's The War of Jokes and Riddles. His whole introduction in Harley Quinn was as a D-List villain Poison Ivy was relegated to hanging out with (before an admittedly surprisingly lengthy romance between the two began).

Combine these two elements, and it's not a surprise that "humor and tone" will be part of what gives the show its unique "flavor," but it still plausibly exists within the wacky, zany universe of Harley Quinn.

The trailer alone confirms this, mixing raunchy humor, gory imagery, heartfelt characters, and bright colors.

Kite-Man: Hell Yeah! does not currently have a release date, but is coming soon to Max.

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