Gilded Age Season 3 Gets Exciting Update from Producer

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The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age Season 2 recently wrapped up on Max, but executive producer Sonja Warfield is already looking ahead and giving fans an update on what to expect for Season 3.

Julian Fellowes' (Downton Abbey) The Gilded Age is a period drama set in 1880s New York that follows multiple wealthy families that are at odds with one another.

Season 2 ended on a shocking cliffhanger that completely turned the tides of the entire show. Fans can rest assured that HBO will resolve these hanging plot threads, as Variety reported in December 2023 that the series has been officially renewed for a Season 3.

The Gilded Age's Season 3 Update

Christine Baranski as Agnes van Rhijn in Gilded Age Season 2

In an interview with Collider, The Gilded Age executive producer Sonja Warfield was asked about what could potentially happen in Season 3 of the show.

Warfield did reveal that fans can expect to see how complicated George and Bertha's marriage is, and how they will eventually be "under pressure:"

"[Bertha] has an agenda, and look how far she's come. She's not going back ever, and she can only thirst for more, whatever more is for her. She basically told George, 'Get out of the way and just stay in your lane.' So that's gonna put the marriage under pressure."

The executive producer was also asked about the relationship between Marian and Larry, specifically how it will affect the overall conflict going forward.

Warfield revealed that bringing the two characters together was "part of [Julian Fellowes'] vision," and that the "layers of complication" that stem from it may be explored in the upcoming season:

"I think that is part of his vision. That just adds layers of complication for Agnes, for Bertha, for society, all of it. So, I can't wait. I hope that we get to play in that season in that world and with all the conflict and drama, so we'll just have to see."

Warfield also participated in a sitdown with Above the Line to talk about what could potentially happen in the future with The Gilded Age, and this time she teased that they have "deepened the relationships," which could directly impact what is to come:

"We’ve deepened the relationships. If we got a Season Three, Season Three of shows usually is a sweet spot because the actors really know their characters. They’re coming into their own. The show is building, so that would be lovely and nice if everybody watched and came back and allowed us to do that."

Speaking to TV Insider, the executive producer specifically touched on the shocking twist that occurred at the end of the Season 2 finale when Ada found out that she was extremely wealthy.

This turn of events immediately changed the dynamic between Ada and her sister, Agnes, teasing that the former would hold the power over the latter in the future (a dynamic opposite of what fans are used to).

In the interview, Warfield stated that the goal was to "upend that power dynamic" between Ada and Agnes:

"We did want to upend that power dynamic. Ada had really been oppressed by Agnes."

However, Warfield also teased that the two sisters won't be completely torn away from each other, alluding that Season 3 could focus a lot on their new relationship and conflict with one another.

Warfield also previosuly talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what could happen in Season 3, this time mentioning Peggy and how she "absolutely wants to see more of (her) life:"

"God willing, if we have a third season, there’s a lot we want to explore. There was a Black elite also in Newport, and because Newport’s so small, they lived among white people. I absolutely want to see more of Peggy’s life."

The executive producer then admitted that she had "never thought of doing a period piece about the Black elite," while also recalling her own experiences:

"I’d never thought of doing a period piece about the Black elite. I only knew my own family story was different than any of the stories that you ever see on television and film about Black people post-Civil War."

Warfield then praised creator Julian Fellowes for "[telling] a story that has been waiting to be told," while also noting how everyone, no matter who they are, "are so excited" for the show:

"What I loved about what Julian [Fellowes] did was that he told a story that has been waiting to be told, and whenever I go out and speak about the show, everyone, all ethnicities, are so excited to see this because they haven’t seen it before."

When Could The Gilded Age Season 3 Release?

With Season 3 officially on the way and story developments already being considered behind the scenes, one key question remains: when will we see it?

Season 1 was released in early 2022, and Season 2 was released in late 2023.

If Season 3 follows a similar timeframe and filming starts within the next few months, fans may be able to expect to see it sometime in mid-2025. As of now, The Gilded Age's third season has yet to confirm its shooting schedule, though updates should be on the way relatively soon.

Seasons 1 & 2 of The Gilded Age are available to stream on Max.

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