Frasier Season 2 Reboot: Will More Episodes Ever Release?

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Get the scoop on the present status of the Frasier reboot and Kelsey Grammer’s ambitions of securing another run for the popular sitcom.

Paramount+’s Frasier, a revival of the beloved sitcom from the ’90s to early the 2000s, brought back original star Kelsey Grammer to reprise his iconic role as the delightfully snobbish Dr. Frasier Crane.

The new season aired 10 episodes in fall 2023, and despite a somewhat mixed reception, many viewers are quite curious to learn what‘s been going on with a potential Season 2.

Will the Frasier Reboot Get a Second Season?

Frasier Reboot

Much like Dr. Crane himself not being able to let go of the simplest things (such as on the occasion that a focus group member said he didn’t like him), Frasier fans have not yet relinquished hope for a second season of the Paramount+ revival series.

Despite no official word being out there about a Season 2 renewal, lead Kelsey Grammer has done a healthy amount of campaigning for a pickup.

The actor has been very enthusiastic in recent months regarding his desire to appear in additional episodes. Speaking to Variety, Grammer expressed his belief that Frasier could go on for “another 100 episodes at least:”

“I think we should go to another 100 episodes at least. There’s enough groundwork laid between these human beings; they are wonderful characters. I want to see where they go. And I want to see what happens to Frasier.”

Such a number might not be the most feasible, but Grammer’s heart seems to be in the right place. The original run of Frasier encompassed 264 episodes with 24 episodes per season. In order to reach episode #100 with the revival, it would need to go on for some time.

Paramount+ has also famously been operating at a loss, with the studio in the midst of some well-reported financial difficulties. In an effort to cut costs, Frasier could sadly end up on the chopping block, especially considering that Kelsey Grammer’s salary likely doesn’t come cheap.

The Niles of It All

So, say Frasier did, in fact, proceed into Season 2. The first season was well-liked by general audiences, but some die-hard fans felt it was at best hit-or-miss and at worst insulting to their fandom.

If the series were to receive another go, it’s possible the creative team would go bigger in terms of fan service and try to book some major guest stars.

Season 1 had guest spots from Frasier’s frosty ex-wife, Dr. Lilith Sternin, and his close friend from back in Seattle, Roz Doyle. But glaringly absent was his younger brother Dr. Niles Crane.

Niles was referenced a handful of times but the fastidious psychiatrist unfortunately did not appear in the flesh. David Hyde Pierce, who portrayed Niles in every original Frasier episode declined to return to the character.

But that didn’t stop longtime fans from missing him greatly. In the event that Frasier is renewed, perhaps the producers can coax Pierce back for a guest starring role.

On the prospect of seeing Niles again, Grammer was decidedly tentative, remarking to Variety that they “won’t force” an appearance:

“I mean, we have Niles’ son on the show. It would be nice to have that happen. We won’t force it; we’ll see what happens. We can certainly write to it. There’s arguably a lot of people in the world that have seen 'Frasier,' and would really sort of celebrate seeing him again.”

Speaking of guest stars, Kelsey Grammer also recently mentioned to Entertainment Weekly his willingness to have Succession’s Brian Cox come onto the show: 

“I ran into Brian Cox the other night at the Emmys. Brian Cox is his [Keith's character David Crane] grandfather in 'Story Land.' And I think it would be great to have him back and take you on a bender. He's gonna shake some old Moon character into this kid.”

Cox played Harry Moon in Frasier’s ninth season. Harry is Niles’ father-in-law whom he flies from London to Seattle to surprise Harry’s daughter Daphne.

Of course, any and all fan-favorite characters making a return hinge on a variety of factors, but chiefly among them is a Season 2 order for Frasier.

All 10 episodes of the Frasier revival are streamable on Paramount+ along with every season of the 1993-2004 incarnation of the show.

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