FNAF Movie Director Confirms What Fans Suspected About Mike's True Identity

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Five Nights at Freddy Josh Hutcherson as Mike

The director behind the Five Nights at Freddy's movie finally confirmed a long speculated-upon detail about the identity of film protagonist Mike.  

While starting from humble beginnings as a fairly barebones horror video game, Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF) lore has become one of the deepest internet rabbit holes one can go down. 

The big-screen take on Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria remained largely faithful to the games, including all sorts of minute details from its digital counterpart. One thing fans have wondered about would come over to the movie version of the FNAF franchise, however, is the identity of series mainstay Mike (played by Josh Hutcherson in the movie). 

In the games, he is revealed to be a relative of FNAF serial killer William Afton, but it remained unclear if he was an Afton in the film. 

FNAF's Mike Identity Confirmed

Josh Hutcherson Mike Schmidt FNAF Movie

After weeks of wondering, Five Nights at Freddy's fans finally have a clear picture of who Josh Hutcherson's Mike actually is. 

FNAF director Emma Tammi seemingly confirmed Mike's identity in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, disproving the idea that Hutcherson's character was related to series villain William Afton in the movie.

He remarked Mike's name is "said in full" by Matthew Lillard's Afton at the end of the movie, proving he is Mike Schmidt:

Q: "When Lillard’s career counselor character stops short of saying Mike’s last name, I then noticed that Mike never said his last name the rest of the movie either. He would just say Mike. Is there a reason for that? Could you not clear the name?"

A: "Well, it is actually said at the end of the movie. Mike doesn’t say it, but the Yellow Rabbit [Lillard] does [out of frame]. So it is a little buried in there, but Mike’s name is eventually said in full."

Matthew Lillard FNAF Movie

This comes after much speculation has been had over Mike's family lineage in the FNAF movie.

While the character was proven to not be related to Lillard's Afton, it has not stopped internet sleuths from pontificating who exactly could be the character's father in this universe.

The prevailing theory - at this point - is Henry Emily, who founded Freddy Fazbear Entertainment in the games, eventually leading to Afton's killings which are central to the series. 

Who Is Mike's Dad in FNAF?

Of course, the change in Mike's parentage is not the only one made to the character for the Five Nights at Freddy's movie, but it is clearly the most buzz-worthy. 

In FNAF lore, it was a major reveal to find out Mike was - in fact - an Afton. And while Emma Tammi says the movie version of the character is not that, there is always the chance she is playing coy to not spoil a surprise coming down the line. 

The narrative tapestry woven by the FNAF games is nothing if not convoluted.

Throwing fans off the scent with quotes seemingly 'confirming' Mike is not an Afton only to eventually reveal he actually is, feels in line with something the franchise would do. 

Tammi has made it clear she is "excited to keep making more movies in this world," teasing the potential sequel to her hit horror film:

"We’ll see how things go this weekend. We’re definitely excited to keep making more movies in this world, should we be lucky enough to do that."

Looking from afar, the FNAF filmmaker has a couple of hidden aces up her sleeve, that will be unveiled in future films. 

Who exactly Mike's parents are (William Afton-related or not) will likely play an important part in those plans as the FNAF film franchise marches on. 

Five Nights at Freddy's is in theaters now and available to stream on Peacock.

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