Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 Spoilers: Who's Still Together? Reunion Speculation Explained

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Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 is officially wrapping up, leaving many wondering which couples will still be together in the reunion episode.

In the penultimate episode, all four farmers were forced to make a difficult decision: choose one of the two remaining women left in their respective groups or walk away still single.

Three of the four farmers chose one woman over the other in hopes of moving forward and starting a new chapter in their lives, but one man decided to continue life as a bachelor.

Which Farmer Wants a Wife Couples Will Still Be Together?

All four farmers will return for one final episode of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 where it will be revealed if they and the women they chose to be with are still together months after the series completed filming.

However, before the episode airs on TV, it may be possible to predict the status of each couple:

Nathan & Taylor

Nathan and Taylor in Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Still Together

Going into the penultimate episode of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2, it seemed that Nathan's decision on who he would choose between Taylor and Allye would be the easiest choice of any of the four farmers.

The pair seemed to have a connection unlike any other couple in the show's sophomore season, and all evidence points to them still being together.

For example, Taylor sat down with Fox 4 News (a Fox news station in her hometown of Dallas, Texas) to discuss her experience on the show.

At one point, Taylor was asked if she thought it was truly possible to find love by participating in something such as Farmer Wants a Wife.

Taylor initially responded with, "I really do," before going into further detail:

"I really do. If you really immerse yourself in the process, I think that the process works, definitely."

It seems as though Taylor may have been speaking from personal experience, especially considering she "immersed [herself] in the process" week in and week out.

It is also worth mentioning that Taylor's Instagram posts support the idea that she and Nathan are still together. For example, she has not shared nearly any posts that don't promote Farmer Wants a Wife aside from two that were uploaded two weeks ago, as of writing.

This means that she has likely stayed with Nathan on his farm since filming ended. Since the two posts not about Farmer Wants a Wife are from Texas, she likely just went home to visit family and friends for a few days.

Both Taylor and Nathan also posted a picture of them sharing a kiss on their respective Instagrams, accompanied by a caption that says, "Tune in next week to see if Taylor and I are still together!" 

Since the photo was so intimate and they both are playing coy about their status, it can be assumed that they are still together.

Mitchell & Sydney

Mitchell and Sydney in Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Still Together

Both Mitchell and Sydney poured their hearts out to one another in "The Final Decision" episode, giving the impression that they both felt like they found true love with each other.

On top of that, the pair recently participated in an interview together with Taste of Country (shared via Facebook) where they talked about their future plans.

Mitchell specifically revealed that they had "talked about" what comes next, adding that there may be "a wedding" on the horizon "in a couple years:"

"We've talked about this, and the plan is within the next year, her moving down here and maybe in a couple years, a wedding."

Sydney looked visibly excited at the mention of a wedding, grabbing Mitchell's arm and saying, "I just like when you say it!"

From the beginning, there appeared to be a chance that Mitchell and Sydney were soulmates, and if their post-filming interview and chemistry is any indicator, they will still be together when the reunion comes around.

Brandon & Grace

Brandon and Grace in Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Not Together

It is entirely possible that Brandon and Grace could still be together at the reunion, but out of the three couples, they are the most likely not to make it.

Brandon and Grace never had the same spark that Mitchell and Sydney and Nathan and Taylor did throughout the show.

One big question regarding who Brandon would pick was whether Grace would be willing to leave her family and hometown in Wisconsin to move all the way to Colorado.

This was something Brandon himself seemed quite worried about, and many fans thought that he would choose Emerson for that very reason.

In an interview with Milwaukee radio station WUWM, Grace was asked what her upcoming plans were, which also may give away if she and Brandon are still together.

Grace revealed that she will be "going to a lot of concerts" in the summer, while also "hanging out in Wisconsin" and going to "a lot of country festivals:"

"This summer, I plan on going to a lot of concerts, I'll be at a lot of country festivals and just kind of hanging out in Wisconsin. I plan on hanging out with family and friends and just seeing where that goes. So really, a lot of just focusing on myself, and if I am in a relationship, you guys will know and I’ll be working on that [relationship] for sure. We'll see what happens."

So, based on what Grace had to say, her summer plans don't seem to have Brandon in them.

It is also important to note that Grace's Instagram page features a lot of posts of her in Wisconsin over the recent weeks and none that include Brandon, making it even more likely that the two are not together anymore.

What Happened to Farmer Ty?

Farmer Ty in Farmer Wants a Wife

Ty was the only farmer who didn't make a decision to move forward with one of the women in Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2. 

Instead of going with Megan or Melody, Ty chose to remain single, saying that he didn't think he wanted more children and couldn't pull the trigger on starting a new life with one of the women.

However, Ty will still be at the reunion to look back on all that he and the women from his group did throughout Season 2.

Although he will not be going back home with anyone, fans will at least be able to see him on-screen one more time to catch up with him and see if he still feels as though he made the right decision.

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 is available to stream on Hulu and the reunion will air on Fox on Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

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