Fantastic Four: Is Red Dead Redemption Actor Roger Clark Campaigning To Play The Thing In the MCU?

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Red Dead Redemption Arthur with The Thing Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios' upcoming Fantastic Four film may be one of the most anticipated films of the Phase Four slate among many fans. Marvel's iconic first family has been adapted into live-action twice now under Fox . However, since Disney's acquisition of the studio, the characters will finally be able to join the larger comic book universe.

Ever since Disney acquired Fox, speculation has run rife as to which actors could be lined up to join the MCU in the four legendary roles. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are the clear favorites to play Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman , however, the roles of the Human Torch and the Thing are much more heavily debated.

Younger actors like Zac Efron and Dacre Montgomery are common choices for hotshot Johnny Storm, although there is no clear favorite to take on the role of Ben Grimm. Both Michael Chiklis and Jamie Bell have taken on the role in the past, but it's hard to imagine who could take on the MCU role.

Given Ben Grimm will likely transform into The Thing relatively early in the MCU tenure, it's clear whoever takes on this role needs to be a competent voice actor, and there may be one legendary vocal artist interested in the role.


A Tweet from Red Dead Redemption 's Arthur Morgan voice actor Roger Clark has fueled speculation that he could be in the running to join Marvel Studios' Fantastic Four as The Thing.

Clark shared an image on Twitter of the recently revealed film logo, alongside a Thing-themed pun saying “now here’s the thing.”

The award-winning voice actor offered a similar sentiment on his Instagram story, with another play on words as he refers to the logo as “this thing right here.”

Roger Clark Thing Fantastic 4
@rollingrog on Instagram


This is by no means any indication that Clark is in the running to take on the role of The Thing. However, his social media posts are clear signs that he's at the very least interested in the role and that he's throwing his hat in the ring to play the Marvel character. The vocal requirements involved in properly portraying the role of The Thing means that Clark's excellent track record in the area would make him the perfect choice for Ben Grimm.

However, whoever takes on the role of Ben Grimm will still spend some time in the human body before transforming into the iconic rock monster. This could mean that Marvel and Disney may still opt for someone with more experience in taking on a physical role, something Clark has little experience in.

Given director Jon Watts is currently focused on finishing up Spider-Man: No Way Home , his attention won't likely turn to Marvel's first family until later in the year or early next year. So Marvel fans should prepare themselves to be waiting at least a year before any official casting announcements are made .

Additionally, during Marvel's recent sizzle reel, Fantastic Four was one of the few films left without a release date attached to the project . Based on these factors, Fantastic Four is unlikely to hit theaters before late 2023-2024.

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