Fantastic Four Actor Miles Teller Would Return to Marvel Under These Conditions

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As exciting as it was to see Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff again, there was someone else in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that got the biggest reaction from fans: Reed Richards. The character, who is a member of the iconic Fantastic Four, was portrayed by the fan-favorite casting of John Krasinski and was one of the biggest surprises of the piece.

Despite only having a few minutes of screentime in the entire movie, he made quite the biggest impact. Sadly, it's not clear if Krasinski will be returning to the role in the upcoming MCU reboot, or if someone entirely different will take over the mantle.

While the future is still in the distance, it's the past that has started to come back up thanks to the Multiverse, and the cameos it made possible in projects like the Multiverse of Madness. It's become common in interviews to question actors from previous Marvel projects on if they would ever return to their former role, given how it's not only possible but very frequent these days to make that move.

Now, it's Miles Teller's turn to answer the big question.

Miles Teller Would Return...

Fantastic Four, Miles Teller

In an interview with The Digital Fix, actor Miles Teller commented on what he would be looking for in a return to his role as Reed Richards in a future Marvel project.

Teller revealed that he "wouldn’t have a problem with" returning as long as "the script" had a strong chance of being the foundation of a successful movie. Additionally, he'd need to consider the conditions involving "the director, the cast, [and] the cinematographer." If that talent met his threshold, he'd be willing to jump back into the Marvel pool with a great script in hand:

“The thing that I look at for pretty much every project is scripts. That’s first and foremost. The character, the director, the cast, the cinematographer: all of those things, I think, go into making a decision. So, if I thought all those things were in place, and we had a really good chance to succeed, then yeah, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

...But Would Fantastic Four Fans Want That?

It's ironic that Teller lists "[the script], the character, the director, the cast, [and] the cast" as key aspects of a production he looks at before signing onto a project. Seeing as nearly all of those are universally considered to be a bust when it comes to Fan4stic.

Maybe some of those have become far stricter in his own evaluations after everything that went down on the infamous Fox film. Needless to say, however, most fans probably don't much care to see him back in the role.

One of his co-stars, actor Jamie Bell, even admitted how he "[doesn't] think anyone wants to see [him return]."

Fans seem to want a fresh start, which is why the upcoming Marvel Studios take on the first family is one of the most anticipated MCU projects in the coming years. Now they just need to find a suitable director to replace Jon Watts.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming in theatersand Fantastic Four is likely to arrive sometime in 2023 or 2024.

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