The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Makes Sam Wilson More 'Tony Stark'-erized

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is just a few weeks away from its Disney+ debut, and more and more information about the series is slowly coming out. The series will follow Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as they navigate life after being blipped back into existence in Avengers: Endgame and fans can expect lots of interviews with the cast and crew between now and its premiere date.

Not much is known about the exact plot specifics of the project, but viewers can be certain that these characters are in for some big changes, both internally and externally.


An article in the Spring 2021 issue of Disney's D23 Magazine obtained by The Direct discusses, among other things, the updated costumes for the main characters. Falcon actor Anthony Mackie describes his characters new wings (and a new outlook on life):

“The wings have become much more pliable, much more dynamic. He's much more of a winged force. Coming out of Endgame and being blipped out and blipped back in, it seems this time around, he really appreciates being alive. He's been even more 'Tony Starkerized' than before."

Audiences are used to seeing MCU superhero costumes upgraded from project to project, so the improvements to Falcon's wings come as no surprise. It's also nice that Mackie is reiterating that Sam Wilson will still be Falcon and still have said wings, here, as some fans have speculated that he would drop them for a more traditional "Captain America" suit and overall vibe . Though it should be noted that Wilson kept his wings while working under the Captain America mantle and wearing a red, white, and blue suit in the comics.


Perhaps the most intriguing tidbit from this quote, though, is the comparison of Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. This could be referring to the aforementioned advancements in technology to the character's superhero costume. Which would make sense considering the total number of Iron Man suits Stark built throughout his time in the MCU totaled a whopping 85 (and that's not even counting the various War Machine suits). Even though not all of them showed up onscreen, there was at least one new version in pretty much every movie.

However, given that Mackie prefaced the comparison with a comment on Wilson's feelings after being one of the people to disappear for five years from The Snap, it may be more likely that it was about the way he views his life and wants to live it.

Back in the original Robert Downey Jr.-starring Iron Man , Tony Stark's near-death experience in Afghanistan made him completely change his life and dedicate it to protecting others. It led him to make bold decisions, like shutting down the weapon manufacturing department of Stark Industries and made him appreciate the small things in life, like cheeseburgers.

Sam Wilson was already a superhero before being snapped away, but one thing he and pre-Afghanistan Tony did have in common was their quick wit. Both are known for spouting some of the MCU's best-loved quips, and if Sam finds himself appreciating and enjoying life more after returning to the world he might try to bring a bit of extra fun to any situation he can.

Those who have seen The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 's trailers have already witnessed plenty of these instances, and there will surely be more to come when the full episodes drop.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres on Disney+ on March 19.

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March 19, 2021
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