Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Clarifies Karli's Relationship With Sharon Carter

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MCU fans got more than their fair share of action and drama as the final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier debuted on Disney+ over the weekend. Sam Wilson found himself sporting a major upgrade both with the shield and his new Wakandan suit, teaming up with Bucky Barnes to defeat the Flag Smashers and continue Steve Rogers' legacy into a new era.

While Sam and Bucky are carving their own paths as heroes, there is still plenty of shady business to keep mindful of through the future MCU movies and Disney+ shows. A lot of this has to do with Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter , who revealed herself to be the infamous Power Broker that she had teased herself for four of the series' six episodes.

Carter also hinted at a pre-existing relationship with Erin Kellyman's Karli Morgenthau, who was killed in the last episode of this series. Although the Flag Smashers' leader met her demise, that bond was quite the interesting one when looking back at the story...


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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Erin Kellyman recently spoke with Marvel about her character's relationship with Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter, who later revealed herself to be the Power Broker.

The connection between the two characters seems to go back long time, as Kellyman said that Agent 13 "recruited Karli at a younger age and trained her." Karli ended up creating the Flag Smashers due to their different points of view, although Kellyman gave credit to Sharon as "the reason Karli knows everything she knows" in terms of fighting:

“Sharon recruited Karli at a younger age and trained her. She was going to create this little army of super soldiers. In Episode 6, we learn [Sharon] wanted to control the world while I wanted to change it. That’s why Karli left and created the group, the Flag Smashers. Sharon trained Karli for everything—she’s the reason Karli knows everything she knows, fighting-wise."


Even though it was teased for weeks, fans still felt a level of shock when Episode 6 brought the reveal of Sharon Carter's status as the Power Broker . Even more surprising to some was not only that Sharon was working with Karli in some capacity, but that the villain had been training with Agent 13 for some time before the season's final entry.

Sharon's motivations are still a mystery as she continues past this show, especially considering that Karli and her seemed to have such a different end goal in mind. While Karli may have trained with Sharon to gain the impressive skills she used against Sam and Bucky, it almost feels as though Sharon wanted more power and control over the world than Karli, who fought for all of those who lived during The Blip.

With Sharon shooting and killing Karli in Episode 6's final battle, much of their relationship will likely remain a mystery with Karli dying for her cause. However, now that Sharon is fully pardoned and back working within the U.S. government as the Power Broker, her journey as a potentially villainous character will be one to pay close attention to over the coming years.

All six episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are now available to stream on Disney+.

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March 19, 2021
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