Marvel Directs Attention to Elizabeth Olsen for Doctor Strange 2's Final Marketing Push

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Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlet Witch, Benedict Cumberbatch

Elizabeth Olsen is set to make her long-awaited return to the big screen MCU with next month's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, her first movie since 2019's Avengers: Endgame. Although Marvel Studios' first film of 2022 centers on Benedict Cumberbatch's master magician, Olsen brings the Scarlet Witch into her biggest leading role in any movie to date.

Wanda Maximoff comes into Doctor Strange 2 after leading her own solo series WandaVision on Disney+, allowing her to fully embrace the Scarlet Witch persona following her battle with Agatha Harkness. Now, she'll find herself lending assistance to Doctor Strange in a quest to keep the Multiverse from falling into chaos, all while dealing with the repercussions of her experience in Westview.

Due to Olsen's status as nearly this movie's co-leading actress, it seems only right that she's featured in much of the promotional tour as Doctor Strange 2 approaches its May 6 release date. Now, that becomes the case even more in the latest round of marketing material, which puts Olsen into the spotlight through multiple mediums.

Elizabeth Olsen Takes Doctor Strange 2 Stage

Marvel unveiled new marketing material featuring Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

A new version of the official theatrical poster for Mulitverse of Madness takes away characters like Benedict Wongs's Wong and Rachel McAdams' Christine Palmer to put Olsen's Scarlet Witch front and center, wearing the new version of her costume and wielding magic under a looming Stephen Strange.

Doctor Strange 2 poster
Marvel Studios

@DrStrangeBRA shared a photo of a billboard for the movie outside of Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles, California. This one features the same imagery from the international poster with the film's title card to the side of Olsen and Cumberbatch.

The user also posted a one-second video featuring Olsen looking into the camera dressed in her Wanda Maximoff costume. The Marvel Studios logo twists and moves toward the camera in front of her.

Elizabeth Olsen Ready for Scarlet Witch Comeback

Marvel Studios has utilized team-up efforts in its solo movies dating back as early as Phase 2, and that trend continues into Phase 4 with Olsen's leading role in Doctor Strange 2. The marketing campaign for the magical sequel heavily utilizes her presence in the film, with new promo material such as these ads letting fans know just how important she is to the sequel's plot.

Even with an adventure that largely focuses on advancing Doctor Strange's solo story, Olsen will see just as much attention on her own journey as anybody else in this reportedly massive cast. Other ads have teased that she will interact with her twin sons from WandaVision, and with the Darkhold having an influence on her there's no telling how big of an impact Wanda will have on this adventure.

Over the coming weeks, the only cast member that will see more time in ads and previews is Cumberbatch as fans wait to see how he and Wanda join forces for the first time in the MCU. Whether Wanda turns out to be a hero or villain in the story itself is another mystery entirely, but this marketing campaign confirms that fans will see much more of, arguably, the most powerful character in the MCU soon.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will debut in theaters on May 6.

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