First Look at Disney+ Spiderwick Chronicles' Gorgeous Set (Photos)

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Spiderwick Chronicles Setting

After years of building up Disney+ on the back of names like Marvel and Star Wars, the streaming service is now starting to venture creatively, taking on other well-known IPs. Amongst these projects are the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series (an adaption of the beloved young adult books by author Rick Riordan) and The Spiderwick Chronicles

The latter will adapt the early 2000's children's book series into a show for Disney+, following the Grace children as they discover a magical world of fairies, sprites, and monsters after moving into a mysterious home known as the Spiderwick Estate.

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Spiderwick Estate in 2008's Spiderwick Chronicles movie

Some may remember the 2008 film adaption of the franchise starring Freddie Highmore, but this will be completely different with a whole new team on board including She-Hulk's Kat Coiro. The project is currently filming in Vancouver, Canada and fans have just gotten their first look at the upcoming series. 

A First Look at The Spiderwick Chronicles

New photos posted on Twitter revealed a first look at the primary setting of the upcoming Spiderwick Chronicles Disney+ series. 

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Spiderwick Estate

Posted by Twitter user @CathDoll1, this set of pictures reveals a peek at the titular Spiderwick Estate that plays a key part in the series of books the show is based on. 

SpiderWick Chronicles Set

The show is currently shooting in Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, Canada (just outside Vancouver) a location known for its wooded area, a large lake, and dense greenery, all elements that make it perfect for The Spiderwick lore.

Spiderwick Deer Lake Park

The set shown off features a brooding metal gate assumedly at the front of the property, with the massive facade of a house at the end of a laneway. 

Spiderwick Chronicles Set 1

The Spiderwick name can be seen splayed across the top of the gate in an eccentric fashion reminiscent of many elements of the Estate in the books. 

Spiderwick Chronicles Set 2

The house itself is only just the front of the bottom floor at this point, seen with tall scaffolding set up in the back. 

Spiderwick Chronicles Set 3

It is unknown if this scaffolding is indication that the set in incomplete and more floors of the signature mansion will come, or if perhaps they will be used for reference in post-production with much of the exterior of the house potentially being CGI.  

Spiderwick Chronicles Set 4

Spiderwick Finds its Home

For those that have read at least some of the Spiderwick Chronicles books, this will be a welcome site. The Spiderwick series is officially filming and of the locations to see, Spiderwick Estate is easily the most important. 

This is the location around which the rest of the franchise is based. After a divorce in the family, the Grace kids are forced to move to this house and go on their various adventures after discovering a fairy world that has always been right in front of their noses. What Hogwarts is to Harry Potter, Spiderwick Estate is to the Grace kids. 

It seems the team behind the project is recreating it fairly faithfully. As described on the page, Spiderwick is a large Victorian house in a small forest in close proximity to a meadow and a creek along the back. This looks to be exactly that. 

And for those that know Deer Lake Park, there will be plenty of creeks, meadows, and wooded areas for the out-of-house sequences of the series to take place. 

After a lackluster take on Spiderwick on the big screen nearly 15 years ago, it is exciting to see that this time around they are looking to be getting this right. 

Disney+'s The Spiderwick Chronicles is currently filming, with no release timing currently known. 

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