Zatanna Movie: Warner Bros. Taps Killing Eve Writer For DC Movie

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Zatanna Movie Writer Emerald Fennell

The DC Extended Universe is in the beginning stages of a new expansion as 2021 moves along with multiple movies planned for production and release over the next few years. This year will bring one more release with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad before 2022 brings the franchise’s first year with three solo movies between March and December.

While Warner Bros. doesn’t release movies as frequently as other studios like Marvel, the team is well-known for having dozens of ideas planned for potential arrival in the distant future. On the more confirmed end of this group is the solo movie Zatanna, bringing one of DC Comics’ most notable magicians to the big screen for the first time.

In light of confirmation recently arriving for this movie’s production, the team behind it gained a new member as well.


Emerald Fennell Zatanna Movie
The Guardian

Deadline reported that Emerald Fennell is set to write the upcoming Zatanna movie for Warner Bros.

This comes on the heels of Fennell winning the WGA award for her original screenplay for Promising Young Woman. Fennell is also known for writing and executive producing the second season of BBC America's Killing Eve.


Fennell is currently riding a high after winning the prestigious WGA award this week for her work on Promising Young Woman, on which she also served as the director. This movie also earned her an Oscar nomination, although it seems that the deal to write Zatanna was in the works long before this critical success.

As for Zatanna herself, she will mark the DCEU’s first dip into the world of magic as the character makes her big-screen debut. She was brought to life in the last three seasons of the CW’s Smallville by Serinda Swan, which was her initial appearance in any live-action property.

It’s unclear how this film will fit into Warner Bros. release timeline or story, but it does seem to be set within the DC Extended Universe at the moment. Hopefully, this hire will lead to more news on Zatanna coming to light in the near future.

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