DC Studios Boss Calls Out 'Bulls--t' Claims About DCU's Future

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DCU James Gunn Bullshit Future

Newly-anointed DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has called 'bulls--t' on anyone claiming they know the future plans of Warner Bros.' (WB) super-powered universe.

This next era of the DCU has been a hot topic for a number of weeks now, as Gunn and his partner in CEO duties Peter Safran take over the Kevin Feige-like role in forming the franchise's future.

Since taking the CEO chair in early November, the pair of Gunn and Safran have yet to officially announce anything. But that has not stopped the rumor machine from working overtime, some of this spurned on by the studio heads themselves

But as these two, along with the WB brain trust, look to craft their "great overarching story," false claims of various projects have gotten out there, something James Gunn addressed directly on his Twitter page. 

James Gunn Calls BS

James Gunn, Justice League, Suicide Squad

Newly-minted co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn shut down rumors on his Twitter page that anyone knows anything about the future plans of the DCU. 

Replying to a fan who was asking about some supposed leaked information pertaining to the future of Batman in the franchise, Gunn said, "Anyone who says they know anything" is "bulls**tting:"

"Anyone who says they know anything about anything in the future DCU is bulls**tting, because right now that's truly only me and Peter."

The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad director followed this up by retweeting a fan who asked "how many tweets a day" he gets "from fans telling him what they think he should do" at DC with a GIF of rapidly changing numbers that looked pulled straight out of The Matrix

James Gunn Twitter Matrix

This comes after rampant speculation over the future of the franchise in recent weeks. The Batman rumor that Gunn directly addressed had Twitter user Ajep Arts claiming they knew that Michael Keaton would be the "DCU Batman for now," with Ben Affleck's take on the character eventually "[going] full circle and [getting] stuff" in the future. 

Other rumors that have gained traction include supposed confirmation that Ezra Miller would no longer be the Flash after his upcoming solo film, the idea that Birds of Prey actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead signed on to reprise her Huntress role in an upcoming DCU project, and that Henry Cavill's Superman would make an appearance in next year's The Flash

What Can DC Fans Believe at this Point?

It can be tough being a DC fan right now. The entire DCU is in such a state of flux that navigating the fandom has become a minefield of false information and supposed scoopers. At this point, it is hard to know what one can believe when it comes to the future of the franchise. 

Well, right now it feels like the word of James Gunn is about the only thing that can be taken at face value. The filmmaker has never been shy in shutting down rumors and calling 'bullsh--t' when it needs to be called.

If some of this information were to have a shred of truth to it, surely Gunn wouldn't say anything. But the fact that he has come out and taken these rumors and 'leaks' head-on, should be enlightening to the validity of them. 

The DC Studios co-CEO is brazen enough that if he wants to start a rumor, he will start it himself. Just look at the Mr. Terrific image he posted online mere days ago. It is unknown if the DC hero will play into future DCU plans, but it certainly feels like Gunn put the picture up with the sole intention of getting people talking. 

Right now any rumor or piece of speculation is exactly that. These Twitter threads and Reddit posts are seemingly about as good as some fan-made 18-movie plan for the future of the franchise

The audience will start to find out what is to come of the DCU when Gunn, Safran, and co. want them to. And it may not even be that long of a wait before that happens.

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