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Plastic Man: Female Actress To Lead DC Superhero Movie

Plastic Man
By Richard Nebens

Warner Bros and DC Films will be experiencing some major adjustments over the next couple of years, especially after recent news that all the new films in the DC Extended Universe and more will release on HBO Max alongside a theatrical debut. This will kick off with Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day and continue on with James Gunn's The Suicide Squad in 2021 , and fans will be anxious to find out how long this trend will continue.

In terms of content, DC has over a half-dozen movies planned out through 2022, as well as a couple of interconnected TV series such as John Cena's Peacemaker . More news has just broken indicating the franchise's future expanding even more in the near future.


A new release from the Hollywood Reporter details that Black List writer Cat Vasko will pen the script for an untitled Plastic Man-centered movie that is confirmed to feature a female lead. It's unclear whether this will mean a change to the hero's name, and the project is currently in the earliest stages of development.

Plastic Man was originally a character created by Jack Cole in 1941 for Quality Comics, and DC Comics bought him, along with many other characters, when Quality closed shop in 1956. After being doused with a chemical liquid , he was left for dead and finds himself with the ability to shape-shift and stretch his body into nearly anything imaginable.

Plastic Man has gained a sort of cult status among DC Comics fans over the years , although it will be interesting to find out how Vasko reworks the character into a female lead. There is no news as to when this project will release or if it will integrate directly with the DCEU, but it would certainly be one of the most obscure main DC characters introduced on the big screen to date should he join the rest of the Justice League.

Cat Vasko has a history working with strong female leads, including the adaptations of Queen of the Air and Fierce Kingdom . She also set up an unnamed fairy tale project with Disney+ before what should be her biggest project to date with Warner Bros.

This untitled Plastic Man project is in the earliest stages of development with Warner Bros, and there is no set timeframe for production or release.