Is Cobra 2 With Sylvester Stallone Real or Fake? New Movie Speculation Explained

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Sylvester Stallone, Cobra

A poster was recently shared online, giving fans the impression that Sylvester Stallone was in the process of making Cobra 2, a sequel to one of his movies from the 1980s. The question is, is it real or fake?

Cobra first hit theaters in 1986 starring action movie legend Sylvester Stallone. The movie followed a hard-hitting street cop as he protected a witness from being murdered by a cult.

Although the film didn't receive much critical praise when it first came out, it has since become a cult classic in the eyes of some movie fans. However, unlike many action movies from that time, Cobra never received a sequel.

Cobra 2 Rumors Explained

A new poster made the rounds on social media (mainly Facebook), teasing that a Cobra 2 movie will be released in August 2024.

The poster features Sylvester Stallone front and center, sporting his iconic sunglasses, which he wore throughout the original film.

Other than Stallone's presence, the only content on the poster is the actor's last name at the top, the Cobra 2 title just below that, and "August 2024" at the bottom:

Stallone Cobra 2 fake poster; headshot of Sylvester Stallone with the text
Cobra 2

The Facebook post that originally shared the poster also included a synopsis of Cobra 2 in the caption, teasing "high-tech thrills, intense cyber battles, and a relentless pursuit of justice."

Cobra 2 has not been recently confirmed to be in development, so fans should not expect to see it anytime soon, especially not in August 2024 - the poster circulating online is fan-made.

However, there may eventually be a continuation of the first film in some form or fashion, and Stallone is even open to the idea of it.

Is Stallone Returning for a Cobra Sequel?

Cobra was released in 1986, and despite many critics brushing the movie off, a sequel (titled Cobra Part II) was in the works one year later in 1987.

The film got scrapped though, and no other sequel ever went into development.

However, back in 2019, in an interview with Fandango, Stallone was asked if there were any of his iconic roles he'd like to reprise sometime in the near future. One that immediately came to mind for the acting star was, in fact, his character from Cobra.

Stallone then revealed that he had been in talks with action movie director Robert Rodriguez (Machete and El Mariachi) about making a sequel, which he stated would be in the form of "a (TV) series:"

"I’m talking with Robert Rodriguez right now about Cobra, which looks like that could happen as a series."

Rodriguez had no involvement with the first film, but Stallone also said "It's basically his baby now," so it seems it is up to the well-known writer/director if it will get made.

Rodriguez already brought back one iconic franchise (From Dusk Till Dawn) in the form of a TV series, so it would not be surprising if he did the same for Cobra.

Cobra is not currently on any streaming services, but fans can buy or rent the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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