First Poster for Chris Evans & Ana de Armas’ Ghosted Released by Apple TV

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Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in Ghosted for Apple TV

Ahead of its Apple TV debut, fans have gotten a first look at Chris Evans and Ana de Armas' Ghosted

The Apple original will supposedly "be ready for [an] April [drop]" on the service as production officially starts to ramp down. And surely the film's cast and crew are taking a collective sigh of relief with the movie's release inching ever closer.

Ghosted was originally announced back in 2021 with Chris Evans and his MCU co-star Scarlett Johansson set to headline the movie. However, after a scheduling conflict caused Johansson to exit the project, de Armas (who worked alongside Evans on Rian Johnson's Knives Out) came in to fill her place. 

Now, with only a nebulous April release window sitting out there, the promotional cycle for the film officially kicked off in earnest. 

A Good Look at Ghosted

Posted on Ghosted's official Apple TV page, the first official poster for the film made its debut. 

Ghosted poster with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas
Apple TV

The romantic action adventure directed by Rocketman and Eddie the Eagle's Dexter Fletcher stars MCU alum Chirs Evans and No Time to Dies' Ana de Armas. 

Ghosted has been described as a high-concept action-adventure film with the tagline "Meeting that special someone can be a real adventure," but not much else has been officially revealed about the project.

When Will Ghosted Hit Apple TV?

Yes, there is no official release date for Ghosted as of yet, but it is expected by many (including the film's director) to debut on Apple TV sometime in April. 

Of course, that could change at the drop of a hat, but audiences should be confident in this April release window. 

If a major change were to be made, Apple would have likely held back on the film's first major marketing beat in the above poster release. 

Next on the promotional tour for the movie will likely be a full-length trailer, giving the world its first look under the hood at the action-adventure epic, and possibly even unveiling an exact release date. 

For fans worried about not having a date just a matter of months before the film is expected on Apple TV, there should be no reason to have those nerves on high alert. 

These straight-to-streaming films work differently than the typical theatrical fare. Big screen release dates need to be locked in years in advance. Streamers have a little more wiggle room with names like Netflix usually announcing any exact release mere weeks out.

For now, Ghosted is expected to debut on Apple TV sometime in April. 

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