Here's Why Celine Dion Has an Accent

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As international music sensation Celine Dion steps back into the spotlight, some are wondering why she speaks with the accent she does. 

The renowned singer, best known for her solo recording work as well as performing on the soundtrack of the mega-blockbuster Titanic, has taken the stage yet again, but in a bit of a different form this time around. 

Dion is the subject of I Am: Celine Dion, a new documentary streaming on Amazon Prime Video that focuses on the singer as she ages and grapples with her stiff person syndrome diagnosis. 

Where Is Celine Dion's Accent From?

Celine Dion in I Am: Celine Dion
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With the release of Celine Dion's recent documentary, many fans are hearing her accent for the very first time. 

While some may have thought the beloved singer was American, that is not the case. 

She has spent much of her career filling up theaters and (at times) stadiums across the United States, but she is originally from Quebec, Canada. 

Her French-Canadian origins explain the particularly unique way she speaks, as French was her first language and is technically still her native tongue. 

Her accent is typical of Quebecois, being a unique variation of the French way of speaking one would associate with France proper. 

Dion learned English while studying in school at a young age. She first started to pick up the language during her time at École Berlitz in Montreal. 

This would lead the Grammy-winning vocalist to begin releasing music in her second language (English), where she would go on to find the resounding success she eventually did.

Dion's first English album (Unison) would be released in 1990, serving as her breakthrough in the U.S.

She has gone on to release music pretty evenly split between French and English, with 15 French-language albums and 12 English-language. 

I Am: Celine Dion is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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