Captain Marvel Concept Art Shows Deleted Fight Between Brie Larson's Carol and Jude Law's Yon-Rogg

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Captain Marvel, Yon-Rogg

2019's Captain Marvel was a pivotal film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it marked the first female-led superhero film of the franchise. The 2019 flick dominated the box-office, soaring to a billion-dollar haul. Not only that, it also served as the grand debut of one of Marvel's most powerful heroes while also laying the groundwork for more cosmic-based stories. 

The film introduced important characters under the cosmic realm of the franchise such as the Skrulls, the Supreme Intelligence, and the deceiving Yon-Rogg. The latter was played by Jude Law, and he was a major part of fan speculations ahead of the film's release. From the onset, it was widely theorized that Law was playing the iconic hero Mar-Vell, but the producers debunked that speculation by confirming that the actor would instead play Yon-Rogg. 

Captain Marvel managed to highlight the dynamic between Danvers and Yon-Rogg in a fascinating way, ultimately leading to a fateful final encounter. And now, it seems that a key confrontation between the two characters was scrapped from the film. 


Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development Andy Park shared an unused keyframe from Captain Marvel, featuring an encounter between Yon-Rogg and the titular character aboard a Kree ship:

Park noted that this keyframe "didn’t make the “Art of” book due to its spoilery nature," reminding fans of the nature of this production element:

Captain Marvel Unused Key Frame by Andy Park
Captain Marvel Unused Key Frame by Andy Park

The image shows off an intense sequence between the two characters. At this point, it was evident that Yon-Rogg was not inside the Kree ship alongside Ronan, and it's curious to see how the character ended up in that particular predicament. Still, the fight between Danvers and Yon-Rogg during the film was memorable, and this unused keyframe would've added to that captivating moment.

Park's remark about the keyframe being a heavy spoiler at the time of the film's release is understandable. The film's marketing heavily showed Yon-Rogg as the mentor figure of Danvers during her time with the Kree, and revealing this specific design would have no doubt spoiled one of the surprises of the film. 

Yon-Rogg was last seen alive during the events of Captain Marvel, and the character's future in the MCU is still up in the air. It is heavily rumored that Captain Marvel 2 will adapt the Secret Invasion storyline from the comics, and there's a high chance that Yon-Rogg could potentially be involved to seek revenge against the heroine.

That said, this unused keyframe can still be adapted into live-action, paving the way for another bout between the two bitter rivals. 

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