New Captain Marvel 2 Merch Reveals [SPOILERS] Now Has Kids

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Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

OfficialThe Marvels merchandise spoiled a notable character from the first Captain Marvel movie has kids in the sequel. 

Marketing has been ramping up for Captain Marvel 2 in the past weeks. 

Merchandise for the MCU sequel started to emerge online, unveiling the best looks at the main heroes' upgraded costumes while also spoiling some key story details

Captain Marvel 2 Merch Reveals Important Goose Update

As part of the Amazon-exclusive Marvel Collector Corps subscription box from Funko, it was revealed that Goose the Cat now has a litter of Flerkittens in The Marvels. 


The latest Amazon-exclusive subscription box includes Funko vinyl figures of Goose with her Flerkittens and a Pop! Pin of Goose and a Flerkitten. 


In 2019's Captain Marvel, one of the interesting characters introduced is Goose. Although Goose is a cat on the outside, she is actually a Flerken, a dangerous creature who has pocket dimensions inside their bodies. 

Captain Marvel
Nick Fury, Goose, Maria Rambeau

Aside from helping Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Nick Fury to save Skrull refugees from the Kree, Goose was also responsible for permanently blinding Fury's right eye. 

What Is Goose’s Role in Captain Marvel 2?

At the end of the first Captain Marvel movie, Goose became Nick Fury's pet. It is unknown how long Goose stayed with Fury, but it's possible that it was a while. 

In Ms. Marvel, it was made clear that Kamala Khan knows about Goose due to her connection with Carol Danvers. There's a chance that, at some point, Danvers was seen alongside Goose, thus making the public aware of their friendship. 

It remains to be seen how Goose fits in Captain Marvel 2's puzzle, but the fact that she already has Flerkittens suggests that she will be more protective of her babies while also helping Danvers in her mission. 

In The Marvels' first trailer, Goose was spotted inside a Kree starship after Kamala was accidentally transported to it after using her powers. The footage also offered a glimpse of a clowder of Flerkens inside the said ship. 

It looks like Goose is with Danvers during her mission against the Kree, indicating that the pair are together when the former was giving birth to her Flerkittens. 

All in all, Goose is set to have another significant role in Captain Marvel's clash with Zowe Ashton's Dar-Benn in the sequel. 

The Marvels is set to premiere in theaters on November 10.

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