Blacktail Studio 'Controversy' Explained: Cam Anderson's Apology Video Breakdown

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Cam Anderson from Blacktail Studio

Fans are worried after it seems like YouTube creator Blacktail Studio has found himself at the center of some controversy. 

Cam Anderson (who goes by Blacktail Studio online) is a Portland-based woodworking influencer known for his tutorials and elaborate carpentry/epoxy videos online. 

Since 2018, Anderson has amassed a massive online following, hitting over 2.68 million subscribers on YouTube and 408,000 followers on Instagram.

The Blacktail Studio Controversy

Cam Anderson from Blacktail Studio
Blacktail Studio

Following the posting of a recent video, fans are worried Blacktaill Studio (a popular woodworking YouTube creator) may have found himself in some controversy. 

The online carpentry influencer sparked anxiety amongst fans after he posted a video titled "Can You Forgive Me?" on his YouTube channel. 

The video, which was uploaded on Thursday, June 19, sees Cam Anderson (the founder and owner of Blacktail Studio) standing with what looks to be an apology for his subscribers. 

Anderson started by saying he was sorry for his actions, alluding to something that was posted on his social feeds over the last couple of days. 

"By now everybody has seen the video I posted after having a few drinks," Anderson read to the camera sternly.

He added that "what [he] did was deplorable and for that [he] is sorry," without ever addressing exactly what he did. 

This introduction confused audiences, as it seemed the creator was tied up in some sort of controversy that warranted the kind of public apology he looked to be making. However, that was not the case.

Anderson continued, getting to the actual crux of why he was making said video. 

He brought up a video he posted days earlier, showing how he was changing the way the studio mounts its table tops on the end tables they sell. 

Instead of the more common practice of using a "large plate and many small screws," he has switched to a method that some deem as temperamental and not as stable by using "a single stud and threaded insert."

The change caused some snarky comments to hit the creator's page as some believed he was not taking the right precautions to make that kind of joint stable enough to rival that of his past methodology. 

Anderson jokingly addressed this throughout the rest of the video, outlining how he could put up three gallons of milk (perhaps more, but he ran out of room) without his new tables buckling, as well as the use of a product known as Loctite to anchor the metal screw insert in the wood.  

So, to break it down, Blacktail Studio is not awash with any sort of controversy, this is simply a case of Anderson playing with his fans after they reacted to one of his other videos. 

Anderson and the Blacktail Studio team are known for poking fun at instances like this, even publicly making fun of trolls on their Instagram Stories as a normal practice.

Blacktail Studios can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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