Marvel Is Recreating Letitia Wright's Black Panther Lab for the Public (Photos)

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2018's Black Panther was a monumental film for a lot of reasons. For one, what it was able to do in the name of representation was massive, and endlessly important. While Chadwick Boseman sadly won't be able to see the franchise move on, his legacy will be forever with the series. There's another character featured in the first entry that looks to become the most important part of the franchise now: Letitia Wright's Shuri.

When she was first introduced, the Wakandan scientist and inventor immediately became a fan-favorite character. Fans wanted her everywhere and hoped to see her interact with the wider MCU as much as possible, including a common pairing between her and Peter Parker.

Now it seems Marvel Studios and London's Museum of Science have teamed up for an installation that they hope to inspire and teach visitors. What better culture to put into the spotlight than Wakanda and its technical feats?

Recreating Shuri's Lab

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A new free gallery has been announced for the Science Museum in London. The installation will seek "to change perceptions of technical careers and inspire tomorrow's technicians."

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The exhibition will highlight real-life UK technicians working in the NHS, the National Grid and the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, and more institutions in the UK. However, Marvel fans are set to get an additional surprise: the centerpiece of the entire installation will be "a reconstructed film set for Shuri's Lab" in Black Panther.

Guests will be able to "step into the shoes of film-set technicians adjusting lighting, matching sound and dialogue to moving pictures and using visual effects technology."

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It's not clear if that image is the full recreation, but the only similarity it showcases so far is the artwork on the center pillar of her workspace, as seen in Black Panther.

Museum, London, Science

But why is this exhibit getting built in the first place? The announcement cites a recent report which stated how "the country needs around 800,000 more technicians and apprentices to meet the demand in the economy:"

"... a recent report said the country needs around 800,000 more technicians and apprentices to meet the demand in the economy for the sort of practical science jobs to boost innovation and economic growth."

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The Black Panther Lab Goes Public

Black Panther, Shuri, T'Challa

Marvel fans will undoubtedly enjoy this new experience, but honestly, from what they’ve showcased so far, it all seems a little barebones with just green screens and some similar artwork in the center.

Though, those screens are likely part of the visual effects demonstration of the installation. Guests will probably be able to create some version of the rest of the room on a computer using that backdrop.

As for Shuri’s future, fans can expect to see her in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever later this year. Plenty of rumors suggest that she may be picking up the mantle left by the late Chadwick Boseman.

After that movie has come and gone, her future becomes less clear. The actress has been the source of some controversy over the last year or so; it wouldn’t be surprising if Disney wanted to lessen her role in the wider MCU.

Either way, hopefully, the character’s immense intelligence will continue to inspire countless generations for years to come.

BlackPanther: Wakanda Forever will hit theaters on November 11.

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