First Look at Black Panther 2's Replacement Suit In Full (Photos)

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever replacement

Who is the new Black Panther? That is the question that is atop many fans' minds leading into the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. After the tragic passing of franchise star Chadwick Boseman in 2020, the conversation quickly turned to what Marvel Studios was going to do with the Black Panther mantle. 

Black Panther 2 Costume Trailer
Marvel Studios

Now with the sequel looming on the horizon, the consensus has Boseman's in-universe sister Shuri donning the claws by the end of the film. Of course, that not has been 100% confirmed as of yet, but there have been a few hints here and there leading fans to that conclusion. 

Amongst these teases comes a new female Panther seen in the film's latest trailer, wearing a familiar-looking suit except with bright gold accents. On top of that, a new piece of merchandise packaging has given fans yet another look at this new mysterious hero.

Full Looks at the New Black Panther

Posted by Instagram user @StateOVerse, new packaging for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Marvel Legends action figure has offered the very first head-to-toe look at the new Black Panther (assumed to be Shuri).

Black Panther Marvel Legends 1

The Black Panther figure looks to be in the same black and gold suit seen in Wakanda Forever's latest trailer, complete with mask, claws, and golden accents. The images are supposedly from an eBay posting that is no longer there, meaning it has either been taken down or the item has sold. 

Black Panther Marvel Legends 2

This is the first time that fans have gotten to see a full look at the new Black Panther, with only shots of part of it being shown before. The outfit sports more of the gold that audiences have seen in the teases so far, running all the way down the legs and wrapping around the ankles.

Black Panther Marvel Legends 3

This comes after a string of other merchandise for the film has spoiled this new look for the hero along with a few other details from the film. The first of these instances came back in July when a LEGO set sported the first full look at the new Panther

Black Panther 2 Lego Costume

Another LEGO set named "Black Panther: War on the Water" featured a from-a-distance peek at the new suit, while also seemingly spoiling one of the sequel's signature action sequences.  

A leaked Funko Pop figurine also offered another glimpse at the hero months ago in a more detailed fashion. 

Black Panther 2 Funko

The Case of the Leaked Black Panther Suit

Aside from the tiny glimpse audiences got of the new Black Panther suit at the end of the latest trailer for the upcoming sequel, fans have gotten plenty of good looks at the look before Wakanda Forever ever hits the theater screen, but this is the best yet. Before just pieces of the suit have been shown off, but it is fascinating to finally be able to pour over every detail from top to bottom. 

Of course, all of these leaks have their benefits and drawbacks. Any time a new suit gets introduced into the MCU it is exciting, especially when it is a new hero (or in this case a new version of a hero). But having seen the look a couple of times now, will all the sheen of that surprise be worn off by the time the movie drops later in November? 

There have been questions about whether Shuri will be the one taking over the Black Panther mantle, but all of these sneak peeks pretty well confirm it. Yes, it still remains to be seen who is actually under that mask, but it's almost certainly going to be T'Challa's genius sister at this point. 

If these leaks are happening now, they will continue to happen as Marvel moves ever closer to the Wakanda Forever release date. So if fans have sick of seeing these premature glimpses, it is time to batten down the hatches and put up those spoiler blinders. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11. 

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