Black Panther 2 Actors React to Those Doctor Doom Post-Credits Rumors

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Like all Marvel Studios films, there's a great deal of mystery and speculation surrounding November's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. While audiences know the sequel is set to introduce Namor and Riri Williams' Ironheart, the identity of the new Black Panther - and whether there is more than one - has yet to be confirmed. 

Black Panther 2 is also the last film of Phase 4 of the MCU, leading fans to wonder whether the studio has a few surprises in store, such as the iconic comic book villain, Doctor Doom

Given the film's political themes, there have been various rumors suggesting that the Fantastic Four villain will be introduced in Wakanda Forever in a post-credits scene. 

And now, the cast of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is having to respond to those rumors and speculation, but with a twist. 

Black Panther 2 Cast Reacts to Doctor Doom Casting

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On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Okoye's Danai Gurira and Shuri's Letitia Wright responded to questions about Doctor Doom appearing in Black Panther 2

Kimmel began by acknowledging the ongoing Doctor Doom post-credits rumors, as well as the casting news that he heard, saying,

"Is Doctor Doom at the end of the movie? I heard that... the rumor is that the end credits, we have Doctor Doom and I’ve heard on very good authority, and maybe this is news to you too, Doctor Doom will be played by Adam Sandler.”

After both actresses expressed their surprise, Gurira went on to tell Kimmel, “You know, I want to see the movie you’ve been told about."

Wright, also still confused, responded, “What is that? Yeah.”

“… We need to get this made," Gurira joked, "I hope the right people are watching.”

“Well, that’s what Adam told me," said Kimmel.

The reality is that a celebrity has been tied to the Doom rumors. But instead of Sandler, it's Howard Stern.

In June of this year, Stern supposedly let it slip on a hot mic that he was filming something for Marvel Studios related to Doctor Doom.

This has led to speculation that Stern will be interviewing Latveria's Doom concerning the war between Talocan and Wakanda.

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During Kimmel's interview, he actually questioned the cast about having to keep Marvel Studios' secrets, asking "how does it work? What's the real penalty?"

“Is there really… is there a class where everybody sits down and tells you like, ‘Hey, if you ruin something,’ Kevin Feige comes to your house with the Thanos glove and BAM, you’re gone? Or how does it work? What’s the real penalty?”

Gurira answered, explaining that it's just "our knowledge that we don't want to spoil it:"

“You know, there really isn’t one specifically that they say to us. I mean, it’s really just our knowledge that we don’t want to spoil it.”

However, Nakia's Lupita Nyong'o had a different answer, noting, “Well, there’s emails. There’s lots of emails.”

After Gurira added that "There's the NDA," Nyong'o went on to share that her inbox is full of emails containing "All the stuff that we cannot say:"

“All the stuff that we cannot say and they send it to you many times so, you know, it’s stressful to have your inbox full of these emails.”

“So somebody’s writing down the things you’re not supposed to say…," Kimmel clarified. 

Nyong'o confirmed just that, saying, "Correct."

But when Kimmel pressed a bit further, asking, "… And then sending them? And really all you have to do is forward that and then…," Gurira had an interesting answer:

“Obviously, it’s not going to my inbox, because I have seen no such thing.”

"You’ve not seen anything?" Kimmel asked, "Maybe they trust you.”

Still Hope For Doom's Post-Credits Reveal?

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Talk show interviews are always an interesting part of the film's press schedule because many of the questions are known ahead of time and their purpose is to create interest. 

So why did Kimmel bring up Doctor Doom? 

One possibility is that he's aware of the rumors and his asking the cast would allow them to put the speculation to rest. 

However, his buffering the question with the joke that Adam Sandler is playing Victor von Doom did something else. It allowed the cast to react dismissively without having to answer the actual question. 

After all, neither Danai Gurira nor Letitia Wright denied Doom's presence. They only reacted to Adam Sandler's casting. 

At the moment, however, Doom's post-credits role seems unlikely given only 1 post-credits scene was shown at the Black Panther 2 premiere and was described as both "moving" and "sweet."

That definitely doesn't sound like Doom. 

However, Marvel Studios has withheld post-credits scenes from the press before, such as with 2012's The Avengers

And, since Wakanda Forever is the last Phase 4 film, and in light of past press spoilers, it wouldn't be surprising if Marvel Studios has another post-credits scene waiting in the wings. For now, audiences will have to wait and see what the red brand has in store for its theater-going fans. 

But even though Kimmel's interview did little to clear the air, his exchange with the cast is proof that the internet isn't the only place where the Doom rumors are known; and, once again, Marvel did little to suggest otherwise. 

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever arrives in theaters on Friday, November 11.

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