Black Panther 2: Disney+ Announces Release Date for Sequel’s Marvel Studios Assembled Special

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Black Panther 2: Disney plus

As Marvel Studios readies Black Panther: Wakanda Forever for its Disney+ debut, the super-powered Hollywood giant announced the release date for the film's Marvel Studios Assembled documentary special.

Black Panther 2 is just about finished its nearly three-month theatrical run, raking in more than $835 million worldwide. 

Now, with a Disney+ release date set for Ryan Coogler's MCU blockbuster and a special never-before-seen type of docu-series focusing on the film, it seems the logical next step would be a Marvel Studios Assembled episode. 

The Assembled name has become a recent standard for Marvel Studios, taking a look behind-the-scenes on every MCU project for some making-of fun. 

Now, despite recent hiccups related to the Assembled library, it seems Marvel is moving full steam ahead toward an installment in the series for the Black Panther sequel. 

Building Black Panther 2 on Disney+

Black Panther 2, Shuri, Wakanda Forever

According to editor-in-chief of Cinelinx Jordan Maison (via a Disney+ press announcement), the Marvel Studios Assembled special for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will hit Disney + on February 8. 

The making-of documentary will follow the sequel's streaming debut by one week, with Wakanda Forever itself coming to the service on February 1

Wakanda Forever's Assembled episode has been the topic of conversation recently as it once seemed it was set to premiere back in December. A post promoting "What's Coming to Disney+" on December 28 noted that an untitled Assembled episode would debut to end the year. 

It was assumed this content release was going to be Black Panther 2-focused, but no special ended up coming and the mystery Assembled has remained exactly that, a mystery. 

The Mystery of Wakanda Forever: Assembled

There may never be an answer as to what exactly happened with Wakanda Forever's Assembled episode. Perhaps that mystery documentary was in-fact not for Black Panther 2 but instead for The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, although an Assembled entry for that has yet to surface.

Obviously, it is coming later now, hitting the service after the film itself begins streaming on the service. But what happened? 

Was that post back at the end of December a simple mistake? Probably. 

Nonetheless, audiences who want more from the Wakandan sequel will be getting it in bunches pretty soon. Of course, the Assembled making-of special will be a deep dive into what went into this film. 

And considering the bumpy road Wakanda Forever had to get to where it is today along with the lofty task of honoring the franchise's fallen stalwart, Chadwick Boseman, this Marvel Studios Assembled will surely be one worth circling the day on the calendar for. 

Pair that with the incoming docu-series just looking at the music of the MCU blockbuster, and there will be plenty of content to satiate audiences after they have re-experienced the super-powered epic at home.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes to Disney+ on February 1 with its Marvel Studios Assembled documentary hitting the service on the 8th. 

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