Black Adam's Hawkman Actor Is Having Some Tough Days Filming the Dwayne Johnson Movie

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When it comes to Warner Bros. And DC, there's a lot of talk about what films and other projects that they aim to make, but not always a lot of follow-through.

Many films and shows have fallen through the crack over the years, and many more are seemingly stuck in development hell. However, every now and then, some make it through. Films like The Flash, or even something bigger: Black Adam.

Black Adam has been a passion project for Dwayne Johnson for over a decade now, and it took until 2021 to finally start filming. Granted, the success of Zachary Levi's Shazam! probably has a lot to do with it, seeing as the two characters are rooted within the same mythology––even though they still aren't looking to crossover just yet.

One of the bigger surprises that came out as the film was gearing up for production was the announcement regarding the involvement of the Justice Society of America, including the casting of members such as Cyclone and Doctor Fate. They were also accompanied by their most important member: Hawkman. 

Played by Aldis Hodge, the character is finally set to make his big-screen adaption, after having previously been adapted for Legends of Tomorrow for about one season. This time around though, Hawkman will be going up against Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam––a formidable face-off, to be sure.

But something as big as Black Adam is new territory for actor Aldis Hodge. So what was it like entering that world?


Aldis Hodge Black Adam

In an interview with The New York Post, Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge was on hand to discuss the challenges of filming his upcoming film Black Adam.

Hodge was candid, explaining that they are all having "some tough days when it comes to the physical aspect [of the shoot]..."

“[Dwayne Johnson] is a real cool cat, he’s really giving and supportive. We’re having some tough days when it comes to the physical aspect of [the shoot] and how we want to show what these characters are capable of."

Hodge doesn't let that take away from the experience though, noting that "everybody is swole and fit", and how that along is a "great motivation to stay in shape and [to] find new limits that your body can achieve."

“But it’s nice to be around DJ and his camp. Everybody is swole and fit; it’s great motivation to stay in shape and to find new limits that your body can achieve. I look at this [movie] as a huge opportunity in many different ways. And it’s living up to the hype — in every way possible.”


One thing's for sure: Aldis Hodge is going to have to make it through his tough days if he hopes to have even a sliver of a chance of going up against Johnson's Black Adam. It certainly can't be an easy task aiming to go face-to-face with the protector and king of Kahndaq.

Supposedly, filming is seemingly wrapping up soon for the production, as the film gets closer to the finish line than it ever has been before––an exciting prospect for everyone involved, no doubt. Hopefully, Dwayne Johnson is happy with where his passion project is going, as it certainly has a lot of expectations given the long wait.

Not much specific plot information is known, besides the Justice Society of America being involved, and the villainous demon Sabbac being involved in some way. The various teases from the set haven't revealed all that much besides the fact that The Rock still loves his shirtless scenes. He loves them a lot. 

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