Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Reveals DC Movie Script's Opening Page

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

It's no secret that Black Adam is one of DC's hotly-anticipated titles, especially considering the fact that the film has been stuck in development for years. In 2020, the Dwayne Johnson-led project saw great progress during DC FanDome where a teaser trailer was showcased alongside confirmation of characters and story beats. 

Since then, however, updates about Black Adam have been minimal, but a few casting reports managed to surface such as Aldis Hodge's involvement as Hawkman and Quintessa Swindell's upcoming portrayal of Cyclone. With production soon to commence, it is expected that details about the DC film will arrive sooner rather than later.  

Now, in surprising fashion, Johnson posted a mind-blowing update on social media about Black Adam. 


In a post from Instagram, Dwayne Johnson shared a snippet of the Black Adam script while also teasing the villainous nature of the character. 


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In the short video, Johnson confirmed that they are “three weeks away” from shooting the DCEU film, expressing excitement about the fact that the character will finally be brought to life after years of development. 


The actor also revealed the opening page of the film, showing off a quote that could end up being the introductory monologue of the character: 

Well, I’d love to wear a rainbow every day.
And tell the world that everything’s okay.
But I’ll try to carry off a little darkness on my back.
Till things are brighter...

I’m the Man In Black.


On the surface, this new tease from Johnson appears to show off the duality of Black Adam, and it looks like that this specific character trait will be front and center in the film. In a way, this makes narrative sense because it provides a unique opportunity for the project to showcase a compelling narrative around the powerful anti-hero. 

Through the years, Black Adam has been best known for being a villain of Shazam, but the character's portrayal in the comics has gradually changed, seemingly placing the ruler of Khandaq on the heroic side. That being said, the upcoming DCEU project will have a prime chance to achieve that in live-action, and that responsibility will be handled by Johnson's poise and bravado. 

The confirmation that Black Adam will begin production next month should bode well for longtime supporters of the project, and this should serve as a huge first step for the project that has been in development for almost a decade. The ongoing pandemic might be a challenge for filming, but consistent implementation of health protocols from Warner Bros. (a known element in The Batman's production) should ease the worries of fans about potential delays. 

Whatever the case, Black Adam will look to shake the landscape of the DCEU in a big way, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds. 

Black Adam currently has no release date, but the start of production could hint that an official announcement will soon arrive.

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