Who Is Ben from Buying Beverly Hills? 5 Things to Know About Ben Belack

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Ben Belack, Buying Beverly Hills

With the debut of Buying Beverly Hills Season 2, fans are anxious to know more about the series' lineup of luxury realtors including the charismatic LA native Ben Belack. 

Belack has been a part of the hit reality series since the beginning, working as a realtor helping clients buy and sell real estate in the gaudy Beverly Hills neighborhood. 

Season 2 debuted on Netflix on March 22 and brought forth 10 new episodes for audiences to enjoy. 

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5 Facts About Buying Beverly Hills' Ben

Ben Belack
Ben Belack

Ben Belack Went to San Diego State University

Long before he got into the world of brokering deals and selling houses, Ben Belack went to school at San Diego State University. 

Belack attended the Southern California institution from 1998 to 2001, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This set him on the path to eventually appearing in the Netflix series. 

While real estate might not be too closely related to the study of psychology, it does show just how well-rounded Belack is. 

Aside from his interest in home sales and the inner workings of the human psyche, the 5'11" real estate agent possesses a few other special skills and traits. 

On Belack's online resume, the Buying Beverly Hills star lists passions like snowboarding and surfing as things he enjoys, as well as speaking fluent Pig Latin and Spanish:

"Special Skills: Snowboarding. Surfing. Own a Ducati Sportclassic. M1 license. Fluent in Pig Latin. Fluent Spanish"

Ben Used To Act in Movies & Shows

Buying Beverly Hills is far from Ben Belacks first acting credit.

After graduating from college, the Californian got into acting, appearing in several shows and movies. 

Belack's previous credits include appearances on hit TV series like Veronica Mars, Jane the Virgin, and Fresh Off the Boat.

Funnily enough, his role on ABC's Fresh Off the Boat was as a home buyer, popping up in an episode where the series' central family goes from open house to open house to get some air-conditioned reprieve from the Californian heat. 

He has also worked on feature-length films like Pushing 30, WAVE, and Closer to Fellini

His acting work did not stop there, having been a part of several theater productions. Belack is a stage veteran, appearing in productions of 12 Angry Men, Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll, and Love Bites Vol. 12

Ben Was a Wine Waiter Before Working Real Estate

While trying to break into the acting game, Ben Belack worked various serving jobs, using the lifestyle that sort of vocation affords to head out on auditions during the day. 

However, over time, Belack found himself drifting further away from his acting dream. He became ingratiated in the world of fine dining and took on the role of a wine waiter at one of Los Angeles' most prestigious Italian restaurants, Spago. 

Belack's time as a sommelier at the Michelin-recommended restaurant was the last thing he did before getting his real estate license. 

On the subject, the Buying Beverly Hills star told Inman, "I was [at Spago] for five years" and was at one point responsible for "25 percent of [the restaurant's] wine sales [in] a year:"

"My final job was at Spago; I was there for five years. I was blind-tasting wine five nights a week, with a 130-page wine list. And one of our sommeliers, as he was leaving, said to me, 'You know, you single-handedly account for 25 percent of our wine sales a year. Alone. You, by yourself,'"

He partly credits his time at Spago as the reason he decided to get into real estate, remembering someone telling him if he could sell wine, he would "be good at [realty]:"

"So [eventually] I got my license, my real estate license because someone said I will be good at it. That’s it. I don’t even remember who that person was; I don’t know."

How Belack ended up on the hit Netflix series is an interesting story. 

He remarked that when starting as a real estate agent, he thought reality TV was "cheesy."

However, it was after an exclusive event with Real Estate Coach Tom Ferry that he realized the importance of "being preeminent in [one's] marketplace," leading him to pursue opportunities to put himself out there more:

 “I thought [reality TV] was cheesy, and then I went to a mastermind with Tom Ferry, who’s the world’s best real estate coach, of course, and Jay Abraham .And there were a couple of big takeaways that I got from it. One of the biggest takeaways was about being preeminent in your marketplace. And I was thinking to myself … it’s more important to be known than to be good. So I shifted my whole strategy to being known.”

Ben Has His Own Real Estate Agency

When not working as a part of The Agency in Netflix's Buying Beverly Hills, Ben Belack has his real estate agency he tends to. 

The Ben Belack Group operates in and around Beverly Hills, representing "the region’s finest properties," according to the agency's official website:

"Ben Belack Group represents the region’s finest properties with exceptional skill using the most innovative technologies currently available. Ben Belack Group offers ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. Their years of full-time experience have given them a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace."

His agency has participated in "over half a billion worth of real estate transactions," as it approaches 10 years of working in the sun-soaked locale:

"Our team has participated in over half a billion worth of real estate transactions. Now approaching a decade selling real estate, six of those years headquartered at The Agency, our client list has become a who’s-who in the entertainment industry. Broad anticipation, empathy, unyielding focus on detail, and deliberate and intentional action shape the client service experience in every transaction our team undertakes."

Ben Posts YouTube Videos About Living in LA

Ben Belack goes where the people are, and part of that strategy includes frequent posting on his YouTube channel. 

On YouTube, Belack shares videos about life in Los Angeles and real estate tips for those looking to move into the 90210 zip code. 

Also on the channel, Belack hosts a real estate and real estate reality series-themed podcast with Buying Beverly Hills co-star Zach Goldsmith. 

The podcast is titled To Live and Buy in Los Angeles, has released over 50 total episodes, and is described as a conversation between the two agents and "titans of real estate and beyond:"

"Ben Belack and Zach Goldsmith ('Buying Beverly Hills') are top-ranked real estate agents, year after year, at The Agency in Beverly Hills. While their client lists include many celebrities, high-profile people, and billionaires, they do business differently. And, they’re here to share it all with you. This show is designed to motivate, explore, and entertain. Guests of the show will include titans of real estate and beyond. This is 'To Live and Buy in Los Angeles'."

How To Follow Ben Belack Online

Fans looking to keep up with Ben Belack online can do so on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

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Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix. 

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