Who Is Adam from Buying Beverly Hills? 5 Things to Know About Adam Rosenfeld

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Get an assortment of fun facts on Adam Rosenfeld, one of the stars of Buying Beverly Hills.

In Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills, a series about the luxury real estate game in Beverly Hills, California, the houses are big, but the sales commissions are bigger. The show recently kicked off its second season on the streaming platform (read about all the major players in Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 here).

Adam Rosenfeld is a real estate broker working with Mauricio Unmasky‘s company The Agency, which Buying Beverly Hills is centered around.

5 Facts About Buying Beverly Hills’ Adam Rosenfeld

Adam Rosenfeld
Adam Rosenfeld

Adam Rosenfeld Attended the University of Michigan

For his journey through higher education, Rosenfeld first attended the University of Michigan receiving a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Language and Literature/Letters. 

From there, he picked up his Juris Doctor in Law from Florida International University’s College of Law.

Adam Almost Went to Medical School

Adam Rosenfeld considered pursuing work in the medical field. In a YouTube video on the Grauman Rosenfeld Group channel, he detailed the experiences that led him to where he is today:

“I went to college, I graduated, I went to law school, I graduated and then I went back to school again, and I was this close to going to medical school.… I didn’t go. In the application process, I came out here, and I stayed with my brother for a while and I kind of fell in love with the place. And I think the prospect of going back to school somewhere in the midwest or back in, like, Florida just didn’t seem all that appealing to me anymore.”

He cited burnout as a factor that prevented him from wanting to go to med school. Instead, Rosenfeld went into business with his “pioneer” brother, flipping a high-value home in California:

“And I was burnt out, and I was ready to just take a break. So I deferred for a year, and the reason that I got into real estate was really just kind of a coincidence. My brother had decided that he was gonna do his first house. He had zero experience in real estate or development whatsoever… So my brother, being the pioneer that he is, went for it. And he went for it with a $700,000 house in Tarzana. And he was gonna do this flip and it was gonna take him the better part of six months and then he was gonna go and sell it for 1.2-1.3 million dollars.“

He explained that because of his pre-existing law degree, the process of obtaining his real estate licensing was a breeze:

“So that’s what I did. I went, and because I had my law degree at the time, the requirements to get licensed were a little bit different. I didn’t have to take any classes, I was just able to sit and take the test. And thank goodness, ’cause I don’t think I would’ve bothered with the classes, so I don’t think I would’ve gotten licensed if I had.”

Adam Is an Award-Winning Real Estate Agent

On his official website, Adam Rosenfeld lists the many awards and accolades he has earned in his field. This includes being named a Leader of Influence by the LA Business Journal. From his employment at The Agency, he’s also been given the Chairman Award several times. 

His job has brought him face-to-face with various clients including celebrities, developers, and Hollywood execs.

Adam Co-Founded a Real Estate Agent Company

Rosenfeld established his own company with his colleague Jon Grauman. Rosenfeld + Grauman is one of the Los Angeles area’s top choices in high-end real estate brokerage. 

Rosenfeld has brought his expertise and knowledge to the multi-billion dollar venture to maximize sales.

According to Rosenfeld + Grauman’s site, the team specializes in a wide selection of services:

”Design, marketing, and sales solutions tailored to the needs of buyers, sellers, developers, and investors on a global scale.”

Adam Has a Chihuahua Named Sophia

Rosenfeld’s pride and joy is a small, toothless chihuahua called Sophia. He calls the dog “the love of his life,” and his Instagram Stories are frequently filled with photos of her.

How To Follow Adam Rosenfeld Online

For those who want a closer look at Adam Rosenfeld, he can be found on Instagram (@itslookinrosey). 

Seasons 1 and 2 of Buying Beverly Hills are streaming on Netflix. 

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