Ben Affleck's MCU Debut Just Became A Lot More Likely - Here's Why

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Recent casting news has given fans hope that Ben Affleck's MCU debut could be on the horizon. 

Affleck is no stranger to the world of superheroes on the big screen, having just finished a nearly ten-year stint playing the DCEU's Batman.

But long before that, he was known as Marvel's first on-screen Daredevil/Matt Murdock (a role currently occupied by Charlie Cox).

While the actor had seemingly put his time playing the Man Without Fear in the rearview, some are wondering if the actor could return to the role in Marvel Studios' upcoming Deadpool 3

Ben Affleck Could Make His MCU Debut

Daredevil 1

After the official announcement of Daredevil actress Jennifer Garner in Deadpool 3, it just became a whole lot more likely that Ben Affleck's MCU debut could be on the cards as well. 

Garner, who is set to reprise her role of Elektra in the MCU threequel, starred opposite Affleck in 2003's Daredevil before getting her own spin-off film in 2005. 

There has been no confirmation of Affleck's involvement in Deadpool 3, but given that the film is set to explore that Daredevil world at least in part, it would make sense if the Gone Girl actor came back as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. 

Garner's role is seemingly set to simply be in a "cameo" capacity, which means that Affleck's could be a cameo as well. 

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld also previously teased a cast for Deadpool 3 that will "will melt your face:"

"The stuff I know, it will melt your face, alright? That's all I'm going to say, it'll melt your face!"

So surely, Garner (along with the return of Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman) is just the tip of the cameo iceberg when it comes to the R-rated comedy. 

Will Ben Affleck Be in Deadpool 3?

Daredevil 2

Given Garner's involvement in Deadpool 3, many will be wondering if, in fact, Ben Affleck's Daredevil will be close to follow. 

Right now, that remains unknown; however, it would not be all that surprising. 

Much has been made about Deadpool 3's Multiversal ties. Names from the MCU's department of Multiversal management, the TVA, have been linked to the project including Owen Wilson's Mobius and the beloved-yet-manacing Miss Minutes

The movie is looking like it is about to be a hilarious jaunt across the greater  Marvel Multiverse, bringing in not just characters from the MCU but the Fox X-Men universe and beyond. 

Star of the film Ryan Reynolds has already teased more from the X-Men side of things for the movie. But who is to say it will not incorporate the likes of the Fantastic Four films and potentially even more characters (like Ben Affleck) from the Daredevil movie and its spin-off?

Affleck himself seems sort of over the whole superhero thing after the ups and downs of his time working with DC, but this could be a fun opportunity for him to reclaim another of his characters that has kind of become the butt of the comic book movie joke. 

Yes, an appearance in Deadpool 3 would likely be played for laughs, but this time around the audience would be laughing with Affleck instead of laughing at him. 

Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2024.

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