The Batman Movie Ad Jokingly Claims Iron Man Is Better

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Updated:
Robert Pattinson as Batman, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

Marvel's Iron Man and DC's Batman have many classic traits in common. Both of them are billionaires, superheroes, and orphans whose parents died when they were young. As a result, the similarities between the two often lead to fan debates about who is better. The discussion was further amplified when the MCU and the DCEU launched on the big screen. 

The Caped Crusader has been a generational hero, with Gotham's protector being played by iconic actors such as Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, and Ben Affleck. Meanwhile, the live-action Tony Stark is only portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. starting in 2008's Iron Man and going all the way to 2019's Avengers: Endgame

The DCEU is now transitioning into a brand new chapter as it welcomes another actor who is set to play its new iteration of the Dark Knight. This comes with Robert Pattinson set to don the cape and cowl for a fresh new take on Gotham's protector in Matt Reeves' The Batman.

As fans welcome a new Batman, it seems that the oft-discussed fan debate between Stark and Wayne has come up once again.

The Batman Ad Mocks Bruce Wayne

Reddit user u/knivesxonly shared a piece of wall art for The Batman on the side of New Farm Cinemas in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

The Batman ad

The unique promotion, which was seemingly commissioned by New Farm Cinemas, features a statement claiming that Tony Stark is the "world's #1 smartest, multi-biliionaire superhero orphan" while promoting the release of the Robert Pattinson-led movie: 

The Batman ad


A Battle of Superhero Billionaires 

This new wall art is a brilliant way to fuel discourse ahead of The Batman's release in March 2022. There is a high chance that diehard Marvel and DC fans will go out of their way to defend their hero of choice, thus further boosting the promotional push for the Robert Pattinson-led DCEU flick. 

The ad's claim will surely be challenged by Batman fanatics, but it will also be praised by Iron Man diehards. Looking closely at the comment thread from the Reddit post serves as a solid example of the fun discourse among fans. 

However, many would agree that there is an overarching advantage for Gotham's Dark Knight from his Marvel archenemy in terms of live-action iterations. 

The fact that Batman has received several big-screen adaptations through the years serves as a boost, since it offers fans multiple perspectives on how the Dark Knight wins his duel against different villains. From a full-blown origin story in Batman Begins to a rugged veteran hero in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans have seen different iterations of the complex hero.

The Batman is poised to offer another fresh outlook for the hero, since it will take a deep dive into the character's detective roots like never before. This presents another opportunity for fans to explore the character in a whole new light. 

While a live-action battle between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne will not happen anytime soon, the online discussion should keep the feud ongoing for now. 

The Batman is set to premiere in US theaters on March 4, 2022. 

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