DC Omits 1 Cinematic Batman from New Movie Collectible Set

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McFarlane Toys unveiled its latest offering in the DC Multiverse line of seven-inch scale figures. The boxed set collects many of the major movie Batmen but leaves out a significant one.

Batman is obviously one of the most recognizable and enduring characters in pop culture. And as such, he’s been adapted for films, TV, and animation many times.

Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, several major actors donned the cape and cowl, to wildly varying degrees of popularity.

McFarlane Toys Reveals Movie Batman Figure Set

Over the course of San Diego Comic-Con weekend, McFarlane Toys, who holds the license for comic-based and live-action DC figures, showed off a brand new boxed collection featuring the Batmen of the silver screen. It’s been dubbed the “DC Multiverse WB100 Batman The Ultimate Movie Collection 7-Inch Action Figure 6-Pack.” However, the set omitted one key incarnation of Bruce Wayne, Adam West.

Now, one might wonder why a 60s television interpretation of the Dark Knight would be included in a movie-themed assortment. But what not everybody is aware of is that Adam West and Burt Ward starred in a theatrically released Batman motion picture that was based on the series in 1966.

The first figure in the set is based on Michael Keaton’s 1989 Batman movie. Fun fact, this action figure features more neck movement than Keaton had in the actual costume.

Michael Keaton Batman action figure
McFarlane Toys


In 1995, after Keaton and director Tim Burton vacated the project, Joel Schumacher was brought in to helm Batman Forever. Val Kilmer suited up as Bats in this one and is well-represented with this figure, Bat-Nipples and all.

Val Kilmer Batman action figure
McFarlane Toys

1997 brought the critically reviled Batman & Robin, starring one George Clooney as Bruce Wayne. His sleek, all-black Batsuit is the third figure in this set.

George Clooney Batman action figure
McFarlane Toys

Many remember 2008’s The Dark Knight (sequel to Batman Begins which brought with it Christian Bale in the title role) as their favorite big screen Bat-outing. The figure includes all the high-tech armor detailing, as designed by Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox in the movie.

Christian Bale Batman action figure
Christian Bale Batman action figure

Some die-hards weren’t particularly pleased when it was announced that the Massachusetts-raised Ben Affleck would portray Batman in the DCEU. It only took 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice to convince fans that Affleck was the right man for the job.

The McFarlane Toys figure captures Bruce’s tactical look from both versions of Justice League.

Ben Affleck Batman action figure
McFarlane Toys

Finally, there’s Robert Pattinson’s moody, film noir-inspired take on Gotham’s hero from 2022’s The Batman. Pattinson rapidly became a fan-favorite after the success of the movie, and the sequel will resume development following the conclusion of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

The action figure version of the character portrays Pattinson’s early-days Batsuit in a screen-accurate fashion.

Robert Pattinson Batman action figure
McFarlane Toys

The whole set also comes packed with a light-up Bat-Signal with interchangeable lenses with the different bat symbols that have been used over the years.

McFarlane Toys movie Batman box set
McFarlane Toys

The Batman - The Ultimate Movie Collection action figure set can be pre-ordered here.

The Ultimate Batman Collection (Minus Adam West)

So, if DC and McFarlane Toys were so intent on commemorating all the versions of Batman in the movies, why leave out Adam West?

Unfortunately, it’s not quite clear. Some might posit that the reason can be chalked up to licensing concerns. Since the rights for the show were, and still might be, owned by 20th Century Fox (Now part of Disney) then merchandise in specific scales of West’s Batman might be tied up in legal limbo.

But that doesn’t really track. Another toy company, NECA, produced a seven-inch scale West Batman a few years ago. Moreover, McFarlane itself currently has an ongoing line of 60s Batman figures in a smaller size.

The most probable explanation is simply that putting Adam West into this set simply wasn’t in the budget. Action figures are expensive to make, which is why they’re so often re-released with new paint or detailing. And with the Ultimate Movie Collection already boasting two all newly-sculpted Batmen, including a third likely didn’t cost out.

All of Batman’s big-screen adventures can be seen on Max and purchased wherever movies are sold.

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