Full Cast of Baby Bandito on Netflix - Every Main Actor & Character (Photos)

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Helluva Boss' animator Nicolás Contreras makes his acting debut in Netflix's Baby Bandito. 

Netflix’s newest crime drama, Baby Bandito, is inspired by the real-life heist of the century in 2014 in Chile. 

The series tells how a young skater named Kevin (Nicolás Contreras) risks everything by planning a high-stakes robbery for his relationship with a rich gal named Genesis (Francisca Armstrong). 

Baby Bandito premiered on Netflix on January 31.

Every Main Cast Member of Netflix's Baby Bandito

Nicolás Contreras - Kevin

Nicolás Contreras as Kevin in Baby Bandito
Nicolás Contreras

Nicolás Contreras leads Baby Bandito's cast as Kevin. 

Kevin has a passion for skating and is a hopeless romantic. The young boy's life takes an unexpected twist after he falls in love with a rich woman named Genesis. 

Fueled by his desire to gain her affection and impress her family, Kevin takes it upon himself to plan a heist centered around stealing nearly seven million dollars at an airport, leading to a life of thrilling romance and inescapable pursuit.

Baby Bandito is Contreras' first major acting gig after being involved behind the scenes with films like Helluva Boss and Pencilmation.

Pablo Macaya - Pantera

Pablo Macaya as Pantera in Baby Bandito
Pablo Macaya

Pablo Macaya plays Pantera, a loyal friend of Kevin's father who helps him assemble his team of robbers for the ultimate heist. 

While Pantera is initially hesitant, a pep talk with Kevin calms him down, and he decides it's good for him to join the heist.

Macaya is known for his roles in The Motorcycle Diaries, Primera Dama, and Soltera Otra Vez.

Mariana Loyola - Ana

Mariana Loyola as Ana in Baby Bandito
Mariana Loyola

Mariana Loyola is part of Baby Bandito's cast as Ana, Kevin's mother. 

In Episode 1, Ana is apprehended by the police after being caught with drugs. Kevin is shocked to learn the truth, and he becomes aware that his mother has a big debt to the town's drug dealers. 

Loyola's most recognizable role is playing Pamela Leiva in over 70 episodes of Peleles. The actress also appeared in Cachimba, Machos, and Gatas & Tuercas.

Marcelo Alonso - Ruso

Marcelo Alonso as Ruso in Baby Bandito
Marcelo Alonso

Ruso, also known as Russian, is one of the butchers originally planning to rob the truck full of cash at the airport. The character is played by Marcelo Alonso. 

Alonso has over 40 credits to his name, with roles in The Club, La Poseida, and Vuelve Temprano.

Lukas Vergara - Panda

Lukas Vergara as Panda in Baby Bandito
Lukas Vergara

Lukas Vergara's Panda is Kevin's best friend who helps him map out the plan to execute a successful heist.

Kevin reveals in Episode 1 that Panda receives his nickname because he looks like a teddy bear. 

Vergara previously appeared in La Mirada Incendiada, Nobody Knows I'm Here, and Invisible Heroes.

Carmen Zabala - Mistica

Carmen Zabala as Mistica in Baby Bandito
Carmen Zabala

Playing a skilled gun dealer and an expert thief in the world of Baby Bandito is Carmen Zabala's Mistica.

In Episode 2, Kevin and Panda recruit Mistica to join their team, convincing her that she will be rich by the time it's over. One problem, though: Mistica doesn't trust anyone, especially men.

Zabala has credits in Verdaded Ocultas, Te Doy la Vida, and Gun Shy.

Francisca Armstrong - Génesis

Francisca Armstrong as Génesis in Baby Bandito
Francisca Armstrong

Génesis (played by Francisca Armstrong) is Kevin's romantic interest and a privileged young woman he wants to impress. 

Desperate to escape her family's shadow and live an ambitious life, Génesis agrees to join Kevin's heist. After the successful operation, she makes a drastic move by agreeing to join Kevin to move in with him outside the country and start a new life.

Armstrong's notable credits include La Ley de Baltazar, El Dia, and Rojo.

Mario Horton - Galgo

Mario Horton as Galgo in Baby Bandito
Mario Horton

Mario Holton plays Galgo, Ruso's boyfriend and a member of the Butchers who pitched the idea of robbing the van at the airport. 

Galgo's nickname is Greyhound, and he is the son of Amador, aka El Carnicero.

Horton is known for his roles in The Movie Teller, Spider, and Sex Life of Plants.

Francisca Imboden - Fiscal Soraya

Francisca Imboden as Fiscal Soraya in Baby Bandito
Francisca Imboden

Fiscal Soraya (played by Francisca Imboden) is the district attorney assigned to investigate the so-called heist of the century. 

Soraya pressures Genesis to reveal Kevin's whereabouts, and she ultimately tells her due to being afraid of what the police might do because of her pregnancy. 

Imboden previously appeared in Peleles, Alguien Te Mira, and Juegos de Poder.

Ricardo Fernández - Comisario Bozo

Ricardo Fernández as Comisario Bozo in Baby Bandito
Ricardo Fernández

Ricardo Fernández joins the cast of Netflix's newest series as Comisario Bozo. 

Bozo is the detective who works with Fiscal Soraya to unpack the truth behind the heist that took place at the airport. 

Fernández has credits in Mary & Mike, B-Happy, and Amar a Morir.

Mauricio Pesutic - El Carnicero

Mauricio Pesutic as El Carnicero in Baby Bandito
Mauricio Pesutic

El Carnicero, otherwise known as Amador, is the intimidating and dangerous leader of the Butchers who spearheads the supposed operation of robbing a van full of money at the local airport. The character is played on-screen by Mauricio Pesutic. 

After he learns that Kevin and his crew managed to successfully steal the money instead of them, Amador decides to bring matters into his own hands and assigns a hitman to kill them all. 

Pesutic is best known for his portrayal of Padre Armijo in Pobre Gallo. The actor also appeared in Pecadores, Amores de Mercado, and Prison in the Andes.

Amparo Noguera - Natalia

Amparo Noguera as Natalia in Baby Bandito
Amparo Noguera

Amparo Noguera brings Natalia to life in Baby Bandito.

Natalia is Ruso's wife who feels betrayed after discovering an affair between her husband and her brother. She is next in line to take over the Butchers from her father, Amador.

Noguera's past credits include Blanquita, 42 Days of Darkness, and A Fantastic Woman.

Vesta Lugg - Ludovica

Vesta Lugg as Ludovica in Baby Bandito
Vesta Lugg

Vesta Lugg joins Baby Bandito's cast as Ludovica.

Ludovica is the beautiful girlfriend of Mateo Citarella's Angel, Kevin's new friend in Rome. 

Lugg is known for her past roles in Blood Sugar Baby, Oranch, and Bakan.

All episodes of Baby Bandito are streaming on Netflix.

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