Avengers: Infinity War: New Throwback Photo of Tom Hiddleston's Loki Revealed

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Avengers Infinity War Loki Scene

Loki has had a long and winding road when it comes to his journey in the MCU. First appearing in Thor, the character went on to play a key role in six MCU films—even outliving his own death in his fifth appearance. From villain to anti-hero, Loki has been a core part of Marvel's ongoing lore.

Of course, as anyone reading this likely knows, Tom Hiddleston is once again set to reprise his role as the God of Mischief in the upcoming Disney+ show Loki. The twist, however, is that fans won't be following the same Loki they've come to know. Instead, the Loki fans watched escape in Avengers: Endgame will be in the spotlight.

What that means, and where he goes from there, is all up in the air. As is the importance and impact that this new Loki will have on the wider MCU. What fans know for sure is that the show is going to be one hell of a ride, one that might even give a glimpse at a huge upcoming MCU villain.

While fans wait patiently for the show to drop on Disney+, they can take a moment to rest their eyes on some brand-new throwback BTS photos from Tom Hiddleston's time on Avengers: Infinity War.


In preparation for the upcoming Loki Disney+ series, the official Disney+ Twitter account was having a watch-along with every MCU film that Loki has been in.

During their Avengers: Infinity War watch, in order to distract from his inevitable death, they decided to share a new BTS photo of Loki just before the fateful moment happened, alongside one photo that was previously released. The photos can be seen below.

Loki, Avengers, Infinity War, MCU

Here Loki can be seen confronting Thanos just before his time is up, with the mo-cap actor for Proxima Midnight standing guard behind him. 

Loki Infinity War

This specific shot takes place just about three minutes into the film, when Thanos asks Loki, "The Tesseract, or your brother's head. I assume you have a preference?" to which Loki responds. "Oh, I do. Kill away."

Loki, Avengers, Infinity War, MCU

Tom Hiddleston discussing something of dire importance just before Thanos snaps his neck. While the photo was previously released, it's always good to be reminded of the good times with the Russos.


Today happens to be the very last Loki Watch Party Wednesday with the Disney+ account, having chosen to do a double feature with both of the final Avengers films (for now, of course). While the immediate feeling one might feel after reading that sentence is sadness, know that fans are only one week away from Loki's journey through the many timelines as he aims to clean up his mess.

While there is obviously more time with Loki on the way, it's important to take a moment to remember the OG God of Mischief—the Loki fans have all come to know for a decade now. While he will forever be gone, his sacrifice will live in the hearts of audiences around the world. Hearts that surely have plenty of space to get to know what Tom Hiddleston's new branch Loki has to offer. 

The big question remains though: how will Loki connect with the wider MCU? While there are many theories, the show does seem very much its own thing—at least on the surface. Fans will have to wait until next week to truly get a better sense of how everything will tie together.

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