Marvel’s Agent Carter Star Pitches TV Revival Featuring Steve Rogers Post-Avengers: Endgame

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The Infinity Saga is one of the most outstanding achievements in film for a wide variety of reasons. The least of which is how well each character had their storied either wrapped up or pushed forward to Phase 4. The final shot of The Infinity Saga features Chris Evans' Steve Rogers and Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter, two of the franchise's most impactful characters, finally receiving their happy ending.

But many fans have wondered how the rest of that looks in a world of What If...? and the vast multiverse. Well, Agent Carter has her answer. 

Peggy Carter has had a bit of a resurgence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since her first and last full-time movie role in Captain America: The First Avenger. Since then, Atwell has made various cameo appearances in the rest of the Captain America franchise, a cup of coffee in Ant-Man, and of course, her emotional appearance in Avengers: Endgame. This comes alongside a One-Shot and subsequent ABC television series, Marvel's Agent Carter, which followed her life after the end of 2011's First Avenger. 

Since that final appearance in Endgame, where Steve Rogers returns to the 1940s to live out his life with Peggy, Atwell has appeared as Multiversal variants of that Agent Carter, Captain Carter. First debuting in the animated series What If...? and then in live-action with Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, Peggy Carter content is as hot as it has ever been. 

So what else do fans want to see from this character? Is it more Captain Carter or a Season 3 of Agent Carter set in that Endgame 1940s? Well, Haley Atwell has her pitch for the latter. 

Marvel's Agent Carter Season 3

Agent Carter, Marvel Studios
Agent Carter, Marvel Studios

Hayley Atwell made an appearance at Awesome Con 2022, where she was asked on a panel what her idea for Agent Carter Season 3 would look like following the events of Endgame. YouTube channel Fandom Spotlite has released the footage, and Atwell seems to have big ideas for Cap and Peggy, "assuming Endgame is canon."

"Assuming Endgame is canon? Ok, well, in my mind, Steve’s tired, and he wants to sit down, and he’s had quite a lot of time to gather a fantastic book of recipes because he’s a fantastic cook."

Right out of the gate, Atwell seems to have her finger on the pulse of the MCU faithful. The idea of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in a supporting role as the world's greatest husband and cook? That is Marvel fan fiction coming to life. But Atwell did not stop there.

She continued about how Captain America can become even "more attractive to her." 

"Peggy’s busy, she’s not been waiting for him. She’s been busy, and she’s got things to do. And the great thing is, Cap’s cool with that because he’s a feminist. He’s not insecure about that. He lets her go off and live her best life and fulfill her truest potential because he knows the contribution that she’s got to make in the world, and that makes him even more attractive to her. That’s my premise."'

Atwell lays out a way to bring in one of if not the most prominent names and faces in comic book movie history, but still holds what is true to Peggy Carter in this series. Atwell has been a proud owner of the Peggy Carter fandom since her debut in 2011. This pitch tells fans that if and when Peggy Carter returns in a more full-time role, Atwell will be sure to keep the spirit of Agent Carter alive. 

Atwell's next scheduled appearance in the MCU will be the eventual Season 2 of What If...? where she is expected to reprise her super soldier role as Captain Carter. 

Captain America? No, That's Agent Carter

There is a real "go off queen" energy behind this pitch, and these are the types of interviews that get the fans behind an actor, character, and project. Haley Atwell seems to have a quality that so many MCU actors possess and something that makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe as successful and immersive as it is. She gets it. 

A layup answer here would lead to wide-spreading speculation and fan art about a Cap & Peggy team-up project where Chris Evans straps on the shield and joins Agent Carter on her missions. It would be titled Captain America & Agent Carter and probably be widely successful. 

But that movie or show seems much more like a sequel, continuation, or retelling of Steve Rogers' story. Not Peggy Carter's. 

Atwell wants to see the feminist side of Steve Rogers and what a Captain America looks like when he hangs it up. Not only is that pitch fun and a creative use of the character, but it allows Peggy to shine in HER show. Using the events of Endgame not only to bring Steve back into the fold, but allows Marvel Studios to give Atwell her flowers. 

Peggy is one of the most low-key iconic characters in the MCU. Peggy and Steve are often at the top of lists highlighting the best couples in the universe. After series like WandaVision on Disney+, this universe is in a position where a domestic story can be told. With the action plot of SHIELD and the adventures of Peggy Carter providing energy, seeing Peggy explore the ideas of female empowerment and owning your own story is on the table and exciting. 

Being able to show the support of the men in her life through the vehicle of Chris Evans? Even better. 

Moving forward, Peggy fans are excited to see what What If...? Season 2 will bring the character. The animated Peggy as Captain Carter has already warranted a cameo in one of Phase 4's biggest films. If Marvel Studios want to preserve that appearance, but the Peggy buzz keeps growing, Agent Carter Season 3 is always an option. 

And Hayley Atwell seems to be able to do this all day. 

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