Captain Marvel 2 Sets Up Avengers 5 In This Big Way, Reveals Producer

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According to a new interview, The Marvels will set up a key Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars plot point — one not unfamiliar to Ms. Marvel fans, at that.

Ms. Marvel on Disney+ made a key change to Kamala Khan from her comics origins, in that powerful — and as of now fairly mysterious — bangles unlocked her powers rather than the Inhuman Terrigen Mist.

Fans already knew that the bangles have the ability to "pull things across from other dimensions," both from the show they were introduced in and a 2022 report about Captain Marvel 2. The report continues, revealing that the pulling from various dimensions "will lead to bigger things" for the MCU in Avengers 5 and Avengers 6.

Bigger Things from Ms. Marvel's Bangles

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In an interview with Total Film Magazine, filmmakers on The Marvels corroborated a rumor about Ms. Marvel's power-unlocking bangles ushering in a key plot point in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.

Dar-Benn (Zawe Ashton), the November sequel's main villain, will "acquire the bangle" that is a sister piece to Kamala's own, with the "how and why" of the acquisition being teased by director Nia DaCosta:

"You'll get enough of the story of how and why Dar-Benn has acquired the bangle."

Producer Mary Livanos added that the bangle, if paired with the right other power, has the potential to "force a temporary hole in space and time to lead to somewhere else," and that this ability "definitely leads to plentiful opportunities for the future of the MCU:"

"In 'Ms. Marvel,' we learned that the bangle, paired with some other form of power, can force a temporary hole in space and time to lead to somewhere else. With the power of both bangles, more is definitely possible. And we see the culmination of that over the course of this movie. It definitely leads to plentiful opportunities for the future of the MCU, whatever the 'Avengers' and 'Secret Wars' teams may want to do with them."

DaCosta did admit to Total Film Magazine that she has "no idea what they're going to do in the Avengers movies," though she has "lots of thoughts:"

"That's a question for Kevin Feige. I have lots of thoughts. But I actually have no idea what they're going to do in the 'Avengers' movies. I do know that those guys who are doing that watch the films, see what we're doing. I have things I really want [to happen]. But I'm not sure."

Meanwhile, Livanos teased something similar, with a little more certainty, revealing that "there's definite danger afoot [in The Marvels] that could affect the multiverse," and that they are "definitely ending our characters in places that allow for plentiful opportunity" in a future Avengers movie:

"The plot [of 'The Marvels'] deals with some fluctuations in time and space, and there's definite danger afoot that could affect the multiverse.Where it all leads is a bit of a spoiler, and exactly how it'll all pan out in an Avengers movie is currently being figured out right now. But we're definitely ending our characters in places that allow for plentiful opportunity."

The Bangles' Roles in Avengers 5 and 6

With the exploration of the Bangles' ability to transport things across dimensions coming in Captain Marvel 2, much more speculation about the plots of Avengers 5 and Avengers 6 films is possible.

Livanos revealed that the Bangles make a hole in "space and time to lead to somewhere else." The ability to travel and transport across universes was already explored in depth in 2022's Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, and the dangers of doing so will likely be key plot points in the upcoming second season of Loki.

As such, it wouldn't be surprising if the culmination of the current Multiverse Saga continued this conversation. Further, particularly as it pertains to Avengers: Secret Wars, it would connect the film to its namesake.

Jonathan Hickman's 2015 Secret Wars comic dealt with what would happen if every multiverse converged into one, with the transportation of objects, people, and full societies across dimensions. Given what the bangles have been revealed to be capable of, a similar plot doesn't seem out of the question looking ahead.

However, until fans see the bangles getting closer to their full potential in The Marvels, this will of course all remain speculation.

Luckily, the wait isn't too much longer, as The Marvels hits theaters on November 10.

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